Daily Bento

19 Sep



It’s well documented here on this site that taco salad is one of my daughter’s favorite lunches.

She has three tests today so I thought a big taco salad would be perfect for lunch today.

So taco salad it is!

I pack it up pretty much the same way every time. I like to chop the romaine so it’s easy for her to eat with a fork, then I add shredded cheese, chopped bell pepper, and chopped tomato in a separate container so it doesn’t make her lettuce and cheese soggy.

Then I add a few tortilla chips on the side and some warmed taco meat in her thermos.

All she has to do at lunch time is just mix everything together and she’s good to go!

She also has a little fruit in the medium-sized section for a sweet treat.

Daily Bento

18 Sep


Cam’s Easy Lunchbox holds a cute sandwich, chocolate covered almonds, carrot coins, chopped celery, a few veggie sticks (I seem to have a bottomless bag), and some good advice courtesy of one of our Lunchbox Love notes.


Daily Bento

16 Sep

Cam loves finding Lunchbox Love notes in her lunch every day.

In fact, when I sent her off to school without one last Friday, she was sure to let me know that going forward, that would not be satisfactory.


So along with today’s Lunchbox Love note, the little one has two tiger sandwiches that I made with our Cuddle Palz cutter from CuteZCute, some red pepper rings, and a few veggie straws.







Daily Bento

15 Sep

The kids had pizza for dinner over the weekend so it was a no-brainer to add the leftovers to today’s lunch.

Along with her pizza, Cam has romaine hearts and sweet peppers, pineapple chunks, and dark chocolate covered almonds. I also included a fruit & veggie strip but I highly doubt she’ll get to it. If not, she can eat it while she does her homework this afternoon.


Daily Bento

9 Sep



Camryn loves romaine hearts. When I make a salad, I always set aside the crunchiest bits of the romaine for her. I prefer the leafy parts so it all works out.

Since she eats them plain and I had quite a bit of those crunchy bits of romaine leftover, I used them as a little bed for her crescent rolls today.

I filled the crescent rolls with chopped salami and shredded cheddar cheese last night. Once the crescent rolls were cool, I set them on top of the lettuce, added grapes, and put a few fruit & veggie leather cut-outs in the cute container.

The only thing I had to do this morning was chop an apple, soak it in lemon water for a minute to prevent browning, pat it dry, and pack it up with a cute pick!



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