Daily Bento

17 Apr

I made individual chicken pot pies last night, complete with chick cut-outs and chicken feet on the crust (couldn’t resist):


pot pie


Since I had quite a bit of pie dough left, I just kept right on cutting out chicks once the pies went into the oven. I sprayed them lightly with olive oil spray, sprinkled them with dried herbs, and baked them off.

I figured that way, Cam could mix them up into her pie filling at lunch time and her crust wouldn’t get soggy from sitting in a warm thermos all morning.

Cam said that the little chicks tasted just like crackers so she mixed a few into her pot pie filling and ate the rest plain.

Along with her chicken pot pie and chicken crackers, Cam had strawberries, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, and a few carrots. I also threw in a Laughing Cow cheese wedge, just in case she wanted to dip anything.



Daily Bento

13 Apr

pizza grilled cheese bento


Is pizza grilled cheese a thing?

I mean, is this something that people are doing?

I haven’t checked Pinterest because every time I think that I’ve come up with an out of this world original idea, Pinterest is there to remind me that everything has already been done.

Thanks a lot Pinterest.

And while we’re on the subject, did you know that yesterday was National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day?

I sure didn’t. I found out after I had already made lunch. I love when that happens.

Here’s how this particular sandwich masterpiece comes together:

Just like you would if you were making a regular old grilled cheese sandwich, you’ll need to spread butter on one side of two slices of bread. Then shake a little garlic salt and Italian seasoning over the buttered bread.

Fill the sandwich with your favorite pizza fixin’s: Italian cheese blend or mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, peppers, onions, olives, mushrooms, etc. You get the idea.

Cam isn’t very adventurous when it comes to pizza so the most she will let me put on her sandwich is cheese and pepperoni, but put whatever you or your kids like on yours. I’ll be cramming as much as I possibly can on mine – who’s with me!?

Once you’ve got your ‘pizza toppings’ on your sandwich, close it up and toast in a saute pan on the stove top over medium heat.

When it’s golden brown and toasty on both sides, slice it up and serve along with warm pizza sauce for dipping.

Cam thought this was genius. She was not so thrilled about the idea of taco grilled cheese sandwiches though. I still think I can make it work. I’ll keep you guys posted. ;)

Along with her sandwich she had a flapjack from our Graze box with a few chocolate chips tucked underneath, and some sliced peppers.





Daily Bento

12 Apr

Any time we have tacos for dinner, Cam always gets the leftovers in her lunchbox the next day.

That kid loves her tacos.

The challenge with taco salad is that you almost always have cold food that needs to stay cold, and hot food that needs to stay hot.

Cold taco meat? No thank you. Warm lettuce? Not going there either.

So I pack all of the cold stuff in one of her Easy Lunchboxes while I’m putting dinner away that night, and then in the morning, some seasoned ground beef (and/or beans if we have them) goes into her preheated thermos.

When lunchtime rolls around, all she has to do is put the ground beef on top of her lettuce and cheese, toss those chopped tomatoes over the top, and eat it all up!

Sometimes she crumbles the tortilla chips on top as well and then mixes everything together, sometimes she eats them separately, sometimes she uses them as little scoops. She’s fickle.

In the middle-sized section, she has a mixture of rice, black beans, corn, cilantro, and lime (also leftover from last night’s dinner).



Daily Bento

3 Apr


Lunch is in the Yumbox today.

I love this little box. It’s just the right size for Camryn’s appetite. I think we’ll both be a little sad when she outgrows it.

Yesterday afternoon I made some vegan chocolate chip cupcakes for the kids to snack on and to toss into their lunch boxes. More and more of my baking has become vegan because it’s cheaper, most of the time it’s easier, and everything tastes just as good.

For lunch today, I tossed two of those unfrosted vegan cupcakes into her Yumbox along with some golden butter crackers, sweet pepper rings, carrot coins, pineapple, cheddar/mozzarella cheese, and some teeny tiny pepperoni.

It’s hard to tell but the picks on the cupcakes say ‘choco’. Adorbs.

Daily Bento

2 Apr

Camryn helped me make dinner last night and she helped make the pizza rolls that went into today’s lunches so I thought this Lunchbox Love note was perfect.

She loves to help out in the kitchen and I’m a firm believer in getting kids involved in cooking and baking as early as possible. She still can’t quite reach the counter but with the help of a step stool she can certainly wash and snap beans, turn on the stand mixer, add ingredients to a bowl, stir things, strip kale leaves off of the stem, add pizza toppings to dough and then help me roll it up, and so many other things.

So in her lunch today she has two of the pizza rolls we made together last night. It’s just regular pizza dough with pizza sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on top. The dough is rolled up, sliced, and baked in a muffin tin until done. My kids love these. I actually make a version of these roll ups quite often for them using store-bought or homemade pizza dough. I just fill it with whatever pizza toppings or lunch meat and cheese I have in my fridge. Easy peasy.

Recently I came across this recipe and thought it was genius. Why hadn’t I thought of it!? I tried it about a week ago using spinach, carrots, mushrooms, and bell peppers and my kids loved it. So if you’re looking for a way to get more veggies into your kids, here you go.

Along with her pizza rolls, Cam has a fruit salad (grapes, orange segments, pineapple, strawberries), sweet pepper rings, and an apple cinnamon flapjack from our Graze box.






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