2 Oct

chicken salad with greens and veggies bento

Happy Friday!

Let’s talk lunches.

The lunch/snack bento pictured above was for my husband. It contained chicken salad (shredded rotisserie chicken, celery, apple, dried cranberries, scallions, dijon mustard, light mayo, lime juice), spring greens, zucchini cut with fall-themed cutters, baby carrots, and super spicy hummus in the small container.

I also tucked a couple of squares of dark chocolate into his lunch box for a late-night treat.

He eats dinner before he leaves for work so he doesn’t need anything heavy at work. Just something light with a little protein to get him through the night.

Camryn also has chicken salad on a bed of leafy greens and baby carrots, but she isn’t into hummus so I left that out.  Horizon organic cheese crackers, grapes, and chocolate covered pretzels round out her lunch.

Friday is spirit day at school so her lunch box is proudly rocking her school mascot today.

20 Sep

salad with shredded chicken bento

Sometimes when it’s crazy hot out, nothing sounds better for lunch than a big salad. Luckily, my kiddo loves salads so last week when the temps were in the mid 90’s, sending her off to school with a salad in her lunch box was a no-brainer.

In this simple salad lunch from last week, Camryn had mixed spring greens, cilantro, sliced carrots, tomatoes, shredded cheese, a shredded chicken breast, corn chips, and strawberries.

The chicken breast was leftover from dinner the night before.  It simmered low and slow in salsa verde, chicken broth, and a little taco seasoning, so it had lots of flavor and was still plenty moist by lunch time the next day.

I also packed a small brownie in a separate container but that came home uneaten. This container however, was mostly empty.

4 Sep


This is about as easy as it gets, folks.

Yes, we’re having eggs and toast for dinner but don’t worry, this isn’t your every day run-of-the-mill fried eggs over wheat toast situation.

We’re making fast and easy “refried” beans and spreading them over a slice of toasted baguette, then topping those beans with ripe tomatoes, creamy avocado, and a perfectly fried egg.

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4 Sep

For lunch today, Cam has some super cute little chocolate hazelnut sandwiches that were made with these cutters, pretzels, carrot sticks, pineapple, and mandarin segments.

The picks are from this set.

Happy Friday!

3 Sep

soy & citrus marinated chicken

This recipe is so insanely simple that I’m just going to break it down right here for you.


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2 Sep

chicken & pasta salad


For me, this is the perfect Summer dinner.

Grilled chicken, charred corn, ripe tomatoes, slightly sweet nectarines, pasta, and crisp salad greens, tossed with a simple homemade dressing. Not to mention the tomato and peach toasts that I love to eat with this meal and, if we’re being honest, while it comes together.

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1 Sep

vegetarian burrito bowl


This is our family’s favorite burrito bowl.

It’s a recipe that Camryn and I came up with earlier this year and she loved it so much that any leftovers automatically went with her to school for lunch the next day.

It’s become her absolute favorite meal so we make it together fairly often. In fact, if your kiddos are old enough to reach the counter and handle a knife, this would be a great way for them to work on their knife skills (with supervision, of course).

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Daily Bento

1 Sep


Camryn made this lunch which basically consists of odds and ends from our fridge.

In her super cute new cheeseburger bento box she has alphabet pasta, corn, and half of a very large chicken breast that I diced for her. She insisted on a cilantro garnish. She always insists on a cilantro garnish.

In the smaller tier, she has tomatoes that were tossed with a little salt and pepper.

And in the smaller box, she has mandarin segments.

It doesn’t look like a lot of food but the larger tier of that burger bento actually holds quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised.

And because I believe that a girl needs different bags for different things, she brought her lunch to school today in this lunch bag.


skip hop cat lunch box


It’s on the smaller side but it holds most of her lunch containers. Even Easy Lunchboxes!

The only downside to this bag is that it is pretty slim so depending on the lunch container/ bento box you use, you may not be able to fit a thermos or water bottle.

In that case, I just put Cam’s thermos in her backpack. No biggie.



31 Aug


This meal has been in heavy rotation at my house for a loooong time because it’s super simple to make, it’s crazy versatile, and everyone loves it.

Meat, fresh vegetables, and yes, sometimes even fruit are seasoned and roasted to perfection on one sheet pan. Dinner doesn’t get much easier than that.

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31 Aug

BTS meal plan


Kids everywhere are going back to school.

Between school supply lists, new clothes, textbooks, haircuts, and all of the little extras that go into sending our little darlings back to school, budgets can take a serious hit this time of year.

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