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A Valentine Bento

14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today’s lunch is sweet. Like, literally sweet.

There’s a lot more sugar happenin’ in that bynto up there than I normally send for lunch but I think that today calls for a little extra sweetness. 😉

In the top tier there are carrots and cheese hearts in the silicone heart next to a chocolate snack cake.

I made two heart-shaped chocolate hazelnut spread sandwiches and topped them with organic fruit leather and Valentine’s gummies.

I started feeling really guilty late last night about not making any special treats for my kids so I popped some popcorn, added a few chocolate candies and pretzels, covered them in melted white chocolate and hot pink sparkly sprinkles, and then drizzled dark chocolate over the top. That concoction is in the bottom tier.

I hope your Valentine’s Day is sweet ♥


Daily Bento

13 Feb

It’s a Valentine’s bento!

I know Valentine’s Day is tomorrow but I couldn’t resist making a sweet little lunch filled with love a day early.

And what says love better than hearts?

Nothin’, I’m pretty sure.

In today’s lunch, there are two chicken sandwiches, colby jack cheese, a Valentiney snack cake, apples, organic fruit leather, carrots (under the apples), and two gummy candies. And almost everything is heart-shaped. Sweet!