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Daily Bento

28 Jan

Today’s lunch is full of bears and bunnies.

Cam has a few bear sandwiches, Annie’s snack mix (which is full of bunnies), a few fresh strawberries with a bear pick for easy eating, and some dark chocolate covered almonds for a sweet treat.


Daily Bento

19 Feb

Today’s bento has a bit of a bear theme happening.

Or maybe it’s a B theme. Bears, bunnies, berries – yep. Let’s call it a B themed lunch.

There are four turkey sandwiches stamped with bears, one of which happens to be wearing a little hat. The cuteness is almost … unbearable.

Yeah, I’ll stop.

Next to the sandwiches is a bear cup with two grape tomatoes and a bear pick. Also in this bento is some Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies snack mix and a few strawberries.


Daily Bento

28 Jan

For lunch today I packed a turkey sandwich on a Hawaiian sub roll with two cheesy bears on top.

Saltines and a clementine round out this lunch.