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Daily Bento & A Birthday!

12 Mar

Nope – not Camryn’s.

That’s crazy little monkey’s birthday is next month.

It’s mine!

So I made her a birthday themed lunch today.


Please excuse the picture quality. It was pouring rain and gloomy this morning so my pictures came out really dark and blurry 😦

I made Camryn a layered chicken sandwich cake with cheese decorations and stuck a little party hat on top to hold everything together. I also added pretzel tiaras, dried strawberries & apples, cupcake flavored goldfish, two pieces of vegan chocolate cake topped with bows to look sort of like presents, two grape tomato balloons, and the party cheese guy is back!

Can’t have a birthday themed bento without the party cheese guy!

I’m off to celebrate my birthday! I hope your day is fabulous


Daily Bento

1 Mar

It’s a froggy Bento!


And the last in my impromptu animal themed bento series.

In today’s lunch Cam has a pb&j froggy sandwich, cheese hearts stamped with froggy faces, organic fruit leather tongue and “ribbit”, strawberries, and tiara shaped pretzels which were left over from our big Valentine’s box of snack bags.

All of this froggy fun is packed into one of our Easy Lunchboxes.

Have a great weekend!



Daily Bento

28 Feb



Today’s bento has bunnies in it – lots of bunnies. In fact, it may be bunny overkill.

Unless you’re 5. In that case, there’s no such thing.

In today’s lunch Cam has: 4 PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful bunny sandwiches, 2 organic fruit leather “hops”, bunny & carrot shaped pretzels, broccoli, grapes, carrot coins, bunny cheese, and 2 star-shaped cookies.


Daily Bento

12 Feb

I was doing a little shoppin’ yesterday and I happened to come across a set of butterfly and flower shaped silicone cups in yellow (Cam’s favorite color) for $4.99! There was no way they weren’t coming home with me.

Since I had new butterfly shaped silicone cups, it seemed appropriate to do a butterfly bento.

The top section contains cheesy butterflies and strawberries with fruit leather butterflies on top.

I used my butterfly pastry stamp to make two sandwiches and put them in the middle section along with some fruit filled wheat cereal.

The bottom section contains Annie’s Organic Cheddar Snack mix.


Daily Bento

11 Feb


I’m just going to go ahead and point it out (as if you haven’t noticed by now anyway).

I took the picture with the scrapbook paper upside down.

Insider secret: All those super cute backgrounds you see in most bento pics – most likely scrapbook paper.

That’s right. I just blew the lid off this whole operation!

Okay so not really, but it did deflect from my lack of attention to detail for a second.


Anywho… the contents of this lunch include:

  • 8 salami and cheese stars on saltines
  • Strawberries with organic fruit leather flower cut-outs placed on top and speared with a leafy pick
  • A brownie heart with a few chocolate covered sunflower seeds
  • Some Disney pretzels I found in the Valentine’s section of Super Target

The pretzels are shaped like cars and tiaras. Although I don’t think you can actually see any tiaras in that picture up there.


Daily Bento

8 Feb

I snapped this pic with my cell phone whilst in the throws of a nasty migraine this morning. So please forgive the less than stellar quality.

For lunch today I packed strawberries and mango, pretzels, fruit-filled wheat cereal, chicken and cheese roll-ups, and a bag of all natural fruit snacks which have been a special lunch treat this week.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Daily Bento

7 Feb

For lunch today, I made a ham sandwich with a piggy face. I couldn’t resist.

I also packed grapes, pretzels, chocolate coated sunflower seeds, carrots, and Annie’s bunny fruit snacks.


Daily Bento

14 Dec


Happy Friday!

Mr. Wiggles is no longer with us. He was taken in the night by the Tooth Fairy. No need to worry though, she left a note and a dollar so all is well.

The expulsion of Mr. Wiggles was pretty uneventful too. We were eating dinner last night and all of the sudden, Camryn stopped chewing, looked right in my face and with a mouthful of chicken said “Mom, I have something to tell you.” That was it, no tears, no freaking out. I cleaned up the tooth, rinsed her mouth out, and she went right back to eating. That kid is a maniac.

For her lunch today, I used the butterfly Lunch Punch from the “Critters” set to make her a pretty chicken sandwich. I used a butterfly fondant cutter to make smaller butterflies out of swiss cheese. Next to that I made flowers out of celery, carrots and tomatoes. I just used a knife to split the celery almost to the bottom, to cut notches out of the carrots, and to slice ends off of grape tomatoes. Easy peasy.

I packed strawberries and clementines in the larger section and pretzel sticks in the smaller section.


Daily Bento

30 Oct

In today’s bento, I put a cute kitty sandwich and diced apples in one tier. In the other, I put sliced grape tomatoes & trail mix flavored Chex mix (with the Chex taken out). Cam doesn’t like Chex so I ate them. I also threw in a few chocolate covered almonds.

Once I cut up an apple, I put the pieces right into a bowl of water that I’ve added a couple drops of lemon juice to and let them sit for a minute. This keeps them from turning brown.