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Daily Bento

14 Mar


In Cam’s Easy Lunchbox today is a panda pb&j sandwich with some organic fruit leather cut outs for facial features. I also packed Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix, cheese flowers, apple flowers, and grapes.




Daily Bento

8 Mar


It’s Fancy Sandwich Friday!

I fancied up Cam’s sandwich today by adding some sprinkles.

Okay so sprinkles aren’t as fancy as say… gold leaf. But what kindergartener is going to appreciate gold leaf? Riiiight.

Sprinkles it is then.

And really, I think we can all agree that any time you cut a sandwich into a shape it automatically ups the fancy quotient.

For lunch today, Camburger has a chocolate hazelnut spread sandwich with the aforementioned sprinkles, pumpkin seeds, carrots, grapes, strawberries, pretzels, cheese flowers, and a juice box.

Have a great weekend!