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Daily Bento

10 May

Seriously you guys.

The cuteness is overwhelming.

Can’t. Even. Deal.

I bought yet another bento box because that’s apparently what I do now.

Some girls go nuts over a new pair of shoes or a cute purse. This girl can’t pass up a cute bento box priced under $10, as evident by my ever-growing collection and the fact that I am steadily losing storage space in my kitchen.

I was strolling through Target when I spotted what is now Cam’s new bento box. Target has actually gotten in a few different kinds of bento boxes over the last few months which only goes to show how popular this whole bento situation has gotten.

The two-layered boxes are $6.99 and I found them on an end cap near the plates and bowls and things of that nature. They also had a smaller, one-layered box with a divider and locking sides for $4.99

This is the other (more boyish?) version of the box.

Don’t those little turtles look like Squirt from Finding Nemo?

I’m sure you know that I just had to send lunch in the Octo-box today. 😉

Inside is a pig-shaped chocolate hazelnut sandwich, organic fruit leather piggies, a fruit and seed flapjack from our Graze box, some carrot sticks, cheese, celery sticks, strawberries, and grapes.

It holds quite a bit of food and I love that it comes with a fork and spoon attached.

The most important thing though, is that Camryn loves it.

Items used in this lunch:



Daily Bento

7 May

For lunch today Cam had 2 heart-shaped sandwiches, stacked. Both are filled with chocolate hazelnut spread. She also had organic strawberries, veggie chips, & a cheddar cheese stick.

To drink, she had iced green tea in her thermos.

I must not have been with it this morning because it took me until just now to realize that I put pandas and ducks together.

I don’t even know if pandas and ducks exist together in nature.

As a grown person I find it to be a little sad that I don’t know which animals coexist in the natural habitat of a wild panda.

Seems like this is information I should have picked up somewhere along the way.

So I spent a solid 2-3 minutes looking it up on the internet (where I get all my information) and guess what…

No mention of ducks.

So I decided that I’m going to assume that even if the pandas are high up in the mountains, they’d have to stroll by a pond or stream every now and then. So it would be safe to assume that a duck or two would happen by from time to time.


For the purpose of this post and the sake of cuteness, let’s just assume that they do.

Can we also pretend that I didn’t just prattle on about pandas & their maybe neighbors while we’re at it?


Daily Bento

2 May


Camryn  has dance class tonight. I found this piece of scrap book paper buried in a huge stack filed on my desk and just had to use it because it reminds me of the little girls in her dance class.

None of them actually remind me of Camryn though since they’re all in dresses. Camers wears yoga pants to dance class now because she wouldn’t stop pulling her ballet skirt up to her armpits.

I wish I were kidding.

cam dance


That was a proud day for me.

For lunch today the dancing queen has heart-shaped chocolate hazelnut sandwiches, pretzel crisps, strawberries, and a cheddar cheese stick cut into pieces.

She also has ice water in her thermos.