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Daily Bento

3 Apr

For lunch today Cam has a vegan snack cake that I made last night, Babybel cheese, chopped organic gala apple, carrot coins, and some cheese crackers for a little something salty.



Easter Bento

30 Mar


Since I hadn’t made any Easter themed lunches this week due to Camryn being sick, I figured I’d better get on it, or Easter would pass me by.

I’m happy to say that Cam does have a bit of her appetite back so she was able to eat lunch today.

In today’s lunch:

  • Chocolate hazelnut bunny sandwich with fruit leather details & marshmallow tail
  • Apple bunnies with fruit leather details & chocolate covered sunflower seed ears
  • Pretzel bunnies
  • Cheesy chicks with carrot beaks & fruit leather feet (hatching chick is made out of colby & mozzarella)
  • Small piece of chocolate in the plastic egg


*I noticed after the picture was taken that the Easter Bunny’s ear was crooked. She was sitting right next to me when I snapped the pic so I’ll let you figure out what happened 😉 .

Daily Bento

28 Feb



Today’s bento has bunnies in it – lots of bunnies. In fact, it may be bunny overkill.

Unless you’re 5. In that case, there’s no such thing.

In today’s lunch Cam has: 4 PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful bunny sandwiches, 2 organic fruit leather “hops”, bunny & carrot shaped pretzels, broccoli, grapes, carrot coins, bunny cheese, and 2 star-shaped cookies.


Daily Bento

30 Jan


It’s a bunny bento!

I realized that the last bunny bento I made didn’t have any carrots in it. What was I thinking? A bunny bento without carrots?

Today’s lunch is my shot at redemption.

In this bento box:

  • 4 bunny sandwiches
  • bunny cheese
  • bunny & flower carrots
  • celery sticks – they eat that too
  • clementines

Daily Bento

2 Jan

It’s a bunny bento!

For lunch today, Camers has a butterfly shaped turkey sandwich (okay so it’s not all bunnies ;)) with bunny cookies on top, bunny shaped mozzarella cheese, grapes and orange tomatoes.