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26 Oct


Kicking off the first day of this week’s Halloween lunches is this blurry witch lunch!

In her Yumbox Panino, Camryn has two witch sandwiches made with cookie stamps and corn chips that look like witches’ fingernails (probably).

She also has grapes, a broccoli monster, and for a sweet treat, a few pieces of cereal that kind-of, sort-of look like little monsters.

29 Oct

halloween bento

The Mr. is working a 12 hour shift tonight so I took the liberty of making him a ridiculous lunch.

He has a turkey sandwich with gummy eyeballs and a monster mouth that I saved from a lollipop that Camryn had last week. I stuck some pieces of paper towel onto the backs of the eyes so that the bread won’t taste like grape.

Speaking of grapes, he also has a few of those as well as some Halloween themed pretzels, and a Babybel is lurking under that cute pumpkin sticker.

29 Oct

halloween bento 2014 pumpkins


I went with a pumpkin theme for today’s lunch.

Or maybe it’s a pumpkin/bell pepper theme because that taller sandwich looks more like a bell pepper to me than a pumpkin.

Do you see it too?

The two “pumpkin” sandwiches are filled with chocolate hazelnut spread. These were made using some inexpensive cookie stamps that I found at Wal-Mart last year. I bought a bag that contained several different cutters and didn’t get to use them all during Halloween week last year.

I also attached a cute pumpkin sticker (found on sale of course) to a Babybel, and tossed in some black grapes with these cute eye picks, pumpkin-shaped pretzels, and a few pieces of candy corn.



28 Oct

batty bento 2014


Today’s bento is full of bats!

Cam has two bat sandwiches, bat eyeballs made from peeled black grapes, bat-shaped pretzels, bat-shaped carrots, drops of blood made from a sweet red pepper, and a sweet but slightly creepy chocolate bat. I added a couple of red sprinkles to give him some spooky eyes.

The extra bats are just scrapbooking stickers that I found on sale last week and stuck on some of her bento picks.

Since I had a couple of stickers left, I just stuck them right onto the lid for instant cuteness.

It’s Halloween Bento Week!

27 Oct

I love Halloween.

I mean, dressing up as anyone or anything you want in exchange for free candy and fun treats?

I’m in!

But my favorite part of Halloween has actually become the lunches that I make for Cam.

I think she looks forward to eating them as much as I look forward to making them for her.

Last year I made her a different Halloween themed lunch every day for a week leading up to Halloween.

That went over so well that I’ve decided to do it again.

But before I show you today’s lunch, I wanted to share a few of my favorite Halloween lunches, in case you need some spooky lunch inspiration.


Halloween bento 2013 collage


Now, on to today’s slightly spooky lunch.


halloween bento


I found the super cute Halloween pasta at Aldi last week for $1.99 and knew right then that I had to use it in one of Cam’s lunches.

I mixed in a few tomatoes because they reminded me of pumpkins and big yellow moons, and sprinkled Italian seasoning over the top which she suggested could represent graveyard grass.

She also has a banana ghost which is just a banana cut in half with chocolate chip facial features and a cute little hat.

I also used cutters from this set to make apple ghosts. The facial features were cut from the apple’s skin. I used a golden delicious apple which provided the perfect shade of ghostly glow green (say that three times fast).

Come back tomorrow to see what creepy concoction I’ve come up with.