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Printable Coupon Sites

24 Sep

Here are a few of my favorites:  For Publix shoppers. Coupons are emailed to you.

Most of these sites feature a coupon database that allows you to search for any available coupons that you may need.  Earn points & redeem for gift cards, coupons & free magazine subscriptions


23 Sep

A few things to keep in mind before you hit the stores:

* Buying in bulk doesn’t always save money when compared to combining coupons with sales. Be sure to do the math before you shop.

* Check savings sites for freebies & sign up for them. Not only will you often get full-sized products for free, but they will likely include high-value coupons that have long expiration dates. Hang on to them & wait for a sale.

* Brand loyalty will not save you $. Case in point: Tide works great but is expensive & Tide rarely offers high value coupons. There are plenty of other detergents that work just as well & smell great for less than half the price.

* Meal planning saves you $. Try to plan your menu around the items on sale that week whenever possible.

* Procrastination costs $. If there is a great sale on an item you’ll use, buy it now or pay full price later. I recently paid .58 for 2 sticks of the boys’ deodorant. If I had waited, I would have paid full price – $3.49/stick! Um, no. This rule only applies to items you will absolutely use.

* Know a store’s coupon policy before you walk in the store. Even better, print it out & carry it with you. You never know when you may need to refer to it.

* Always check your receipt before you leave the store. I’ve had to go to Customer Service many times due to cashier & register errors. One of my local stores will reimburse you the entire value of the product if an item rings up incorrectly. It pays to check!

Where Do All Those Coupons Come From?

23 Sep

Have you ever stood behind someone in the check-out line as they handed over a huge stack of coupons to the cashier & wondered where they got all of them? Read on to find out where you may be able to find the coupons that you need too.

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23 Sep

New to couponing? Here are a few things to know before you start clippin’…

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