Where Do All Those Coupons Come From?

23 Sep

Have you ever stood behind someone in the check-out line as they handed over a huge stack of coupons to the cashier & wondered where they got all of them? Read on to find out where you may be able to find the coupons that you need too.

  • The Sunday Newspaper Bonus Inserts – Aside from the regular inserts (Smart Source, Red Plum, & P&G – 1st Sunday of the month) in your paper, be sure to flip through your Parade Magazine or USA Weekly (depending on region). Many times coupons can be found in these two inserts. Bonus inserts from Target & General Mills (among others) may be included occasionally as well.
  • Print from the Internet – Printable coupon sites like coupons.com  smartsource.com & coupons.allyou.com offer tons of printable coupons that change each month. Manufacturers will offer printable coupons as well from time to time either on their website or Facebook page.
  • Freebies – Manufacturers will often include high value coupons with freebies they send out to consumers. So start signing up for those freebies!
  • Vocalpoint.com – This online site often sends out high-value coupons to its members. Most of the time, they also include extra coupons that you can pass along to friends. Sign up is required.
  • Cell phone or store savings cards – Did you know in some cases, you can have coupons sent directly to your phone? Target is one store that offers this program. At check out, the cashier scans your phone & the discount is applied. No printing required.
  • Blinkies & Tearpads – Blinkies are the machines in the store that automatically dispense coupons whenever another is pulled. A tearpad is a pad of coupons also in the store that you can tear coupons off of.
  • Peelies – These are coupons that are attached to the actual product. There is some debate over whether it is acceptable to pull a peelie off a product if you’re not buying it. This is personal judgement call. The coupon police aren’t going to drop in from the ceiling like a swat team & get you, but it’s a big no-no in my opinion. Personally, I only peel if I’m going to purchase.
  • Magazines – All You Magazine, which can be found at Wal-Mart always has tons of great coupons. Better Homes & Gardens, Redbook & Woman’s Day are just a few others that typically include coupons.
  • Catalinas – Yes, those coupons that print at the register actually have a name. Catalinas print either on the back of your receipt or from a separate coupon machine. Target is one major retailer that offers Catalinas.
  • Coupon Fairies – This is not a new term in the couponing world but it may be new to you. Have you ever seen a coupon just laying next to the matching item & wondered how it got there? Coupon Fairy.
  • Trading or Trains – This has been mentioned on this site before but it’s worth repeating. Starting a coupon trading club (coupon train) with your friends a great way to get some coupons you need & get rid of the ones you don’t. And even if you come away with nothing, you still got to hang with your friends for a while. Maybe flip this whole idea on its head & turn it into a pot-luck situation or wine tasting to make it more fun.
  • Purchasing Coupons Online – I saved this one for last because this is an issue of contention in some couponing circles. The idea is that you pay an online clipping service to either clip certain coupons or send you entire inserts that you need. Please be aware that it is illegal for anyone to sell coupons so you are only paying a very small fee for the coupon to be clipped for you as well as a small shipping fee.

* You will have to do the math to determine if purchasing coupons from a clipping service is worth it for you. Always use reputable clipping services.


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