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Daily Bento

14 Jun


For lunch today, Camryn had a grilled cheese sandwich cut into a cupcake shape using our Lunch Punch, organic strawberry mango fruit snacks that I found on clearance yesterday (Yay Target!), an apricot, and a few cucumber slices.



Items used in today’s lunch:






Daily Bento

4 Mar


For lunch today, Cam has a chicken sandwich in swirled white/wheat bread, strawberries, & tortilla chips.

I really love today’s lunch. Even though it was super simple and quick to make, I think it’s just as beautiful as any of the more intricate lunches I’ve made in the past.



Daily Bento

7 Dec

Happy Friday!

For this happy bento, I used the ice cream cone shaped Lunch Punch on Cam’s hazelnut spread sandwich. I also packed strawberry fruit-filled Frosted Mini Wheats, a clementine, grape tomatoes, cupcake flavored goldfish and natural applesauce.

Camryn has been helping me make her lunches recently and last night she decided that the applesauce container needed a little something. So she ran to her room and raided her sticker stash for some decoration.