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Daily Bento

10 Apr


Because I need another lunch box like I need a kick in the teeth…



Although this one was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up.

I found it on Amazon and had to have it. I have a thing for whimsical owls. I love ’em. They remind me of Camryn.


Lemme explain:

Her Father picked out her name and before she was born, I started referring to her as “Ryn” or “Rynie” which sounds a lot like “wren” to me so her nursery was done in a bird theme and pretty much everything that belonged to her had birds on it. It’s still that way, birds have sort of become her trademark.

And because it’s an absolute fact of life that owls are super smart and she’s super smart, owls remind me of her. Hence, the owl lunch box.

I hope all that rambling makes sense.



It today’s super simple lunch Cam has a Biscoff kitty sandwich, a sliced mozzarella cheese stick, veggie chips, and grapes.