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Daily Bento

22 Feb


Happy Friday!

The couscous is making another appearance. What can I say? The kid likes her couscous.

We had some grilled chicken leftover from dinner last night so I added a few pieces along with a bit of green leaf lettuce which Cam likes to munch on every now and then. She also brought two happy cheese faces in their party hats to lunch today.

I found out during Math Night earlier in the week that the Assistant Principal at Cam’s school comes in to the cafeteria every day to see what she has for lunch. How cute is that? I hope she gets a kick out of today’s lunch.

Camers also has mandarin wedges, grapes, all natural peach and mango gummy hearts, and two star-shaped cookies from The Fresh Market.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Items used in this lunch:



Daily Bento

22 Feb

Every now and then my husband will ask me to pack his lunch for work.

So I thought, why not include one of his lunches here on the blog?

So here is last night’s lunch, packed in an Easy Lunchbox:



In his lunch:

  • Israeli couscous with sun-dried tomatoes, feta, parsley, sweet peppers, and grilled chicken
  • A little lemon to squeeze over his couscous
  • Pineapple
  • Sliced pear
  • Dried Apricots from our Graze box
  • A Summer Berry Flapjack from our Graze box

Daily Bento

20 Feb

I’m not sure why I waited so long to buy a set of Easy Lunchboxes.

I mean, I’m not a lady who makes rash purchases. I do a ridiculous amount of research before I buy anything, but all the reviews I read for Easy Lunchboxes had been overwhelmingly positive. And the great majority of my bloggy friends love them and use them often.

Not that I’m a gal who gives in to peer pressure but if that many people think these containers are so fantastic, how could they be anything but? Right.

Maybe it was the non-conformist in me. I’m glad she got over herself.

When my big box of bento goodies came the other day and I unpacked my new set of Easy Lunchboxes “Brights” – I have to say that I was happily surprised at how sturdy they felt. The lids are brightly colored and just so happen to be Cam’s favorite colors too. Naturally she assumes that I planned it that way. I’m not telling her any different. She’s happy, I’m a genius – Winning.

Pictured below is Cam’s first ELB lunch just before it made its maiden voyage to school this morning.


In today’s lunch:

  • Israeli couscous with sweet peppers, feta, sun-dried tomato, lemon zest, & parsley
  • A mandarin
  • 2 star-shaped cookies from The Fresh Market
  • Strawberries
  • Salad – green leaf lettuce, carrots, grape tomatoes, star-shaped rice crackers
  • Pumpkin and sunflower seeds in the rainbow box