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18 Jan

I hope you guys are ready to talk lunch because I have three lunches to share with you today.


We had steak salad for dinner the night before so I added some of those leftovers to Cam’s veggie burrito bowl (Yes, this is the same batch of this stuff I told you about 2 weeks ago – I’m really behind on posting).

I know it doesn’t look like much food but there is steak, roasted sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, sweet peppers, tomatoes, romaine and cilantro in that one section alone! That section came home completely empty.

I wasn’t sure how well cold steak would go over with Camryn but it turned out to be a hit!


This lunch was what I like to call a clean-out-the-crisper lunch. I basically take whatever straggly produce we have left in the crisper at the end of the week (in this case it was tomatoes, strawberries and pineapple) and add a grilled cheese sandwich that I make that morning before school.

Grilled cheese has become one of my go to Friday lunches because at this point in the week, we’re usually down to just a slice or two of cheese.

I always sprinkle on a little garlic salt after I spread butter on the bread. That little addition really steps up a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

I paired both lunches with some corn chips and a thermos of water and sent them off to school!


This last lunch was for the Mr. It contained a chicken breast, roasted veggies, roasted and smashed potatoes, and fresh tomatoes.

Nothing fussy or complicated. I just shoved what was left from dinner into an Easy Lunchbox, added a little extra salt and pepper, and it was good to go!





22 Oct

Halloween Bentos

Can you believe that Halloween is almost here?

Where did this year go!?

If you’re a lunch-packer in need of some spooky lunch inspiration, I’ve got you covered.

Most of these lunches don’t require anything more than inexpensive cookie cutters, stickers, and a few Halloween-themed treats easily found at your local grocery store, but you certainly don’t even have to go that route.

All you really need is a little creativity. Just use your imagination and maybe some things found around your house to create your own creepy lunches for your little creepers!

Here (in no particular order) are my ten favorite Halloween bentos to get ya thinkin’!

Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

  1. This ridiculous lunch that I made for the Mr. that turned out to be a huge hit at work. Go figure!
  2. Bat and blood snack box. Pomegranate arils make great edible blood drops… just sayin’.
  3. Exuberant Pumpkin Bento! I still say they look more like bell peppers.
  4. A Vampire-themed bento is a must!
  5. Skeletal Bento. Super cool and only slightly spooky!
  6. This Bat-tastic Bento complete with peeled grape eyeballs, bat sandwiches, bat carrots, bat pretzels and even a chocolate bat! Give me a theme and I’ll run with it! 😉
  7. Witchy Bento with homemade tortilla cats, a cheesy broom and guacamole potion!
  8. Creepy Crawly Buggy Bento. Ew!
  9. Monster Mash Bento. I still love how this one turned out. I mean, Gummy toes. Come on.
  10. Last but not least, one of my personal favorites, Last Year’s Halloween lunch.

And if you’re in the mood to make your own Halloween food picks, I’ve got you covered there too. It’s easy, promise!

Halloween bento picks

4 Sep

For lunch today, Cam has some super cute little chocolate hazelnut sandwiches that were made with these cutters, pretzels, carrot sticks, pineapple, and mandarin segments.

The picks are from this set.

Happy Friday!

Late Lunches

13 May

I think most of us who blog about kids’ lunches tend to go through a little burn out towards the end of each school year.

We start every school year with the best of intentions but by the time April rolls around, we’re pretty much over it.

I am certainly no exception.

This time of year is super busy for my family too and that sure doesn’t help things.

We’ve got projects due, competitions, concerts, end of year meetings, graduation and all of the activities leading up to graduation… it’s crazy!

Crazy or not, the kids still have to eat. So here are a few lunches that I managed to snap a picture of, or perhaps gently coerced my husband to snap a picture of so that we could get our dear little lamb out the door to school on time.

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Last Week’s Lunches

9 Dec

Last week was pretty hectic around here so I didn’t get a chance to post any lunches.

I did somehow manage to snap pics of three of Cam’s lunches from last week so here they are in no particular order of importance:


This lunch had to be from either Monday or Tuesday because that’s when Cam has P.E. and I distinctly remember laying what was left of the cookies out on the counter and trying to make a word out of the few letters that were left. “JOG” was the best I could do and I figured it was appropriate given that Cam’s class was taking their fitness tests that week. Lots of jogging was to be expected.

Lunch was packed in her Good Lunchbox by Sugarbooger and contained a chicken sandwich on Hawaiian bread, sliced sweet peppers, carrot sticks, veggie straws, and three Orange Chocolate Beet Bitsy’s Brainfood cookies (look for more info on those coming soon).


For Friday’s lunch, I packed a cute koala sandwich that I made with this cutter, a Babybel, three Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot Bitsy’s Brainfood cookies, veggie chips, and celery bites filled with cream cheese and topped with flax seeds. There are a couple of chocolate covered almonds in the cute little box.

Lunch was packed in an Easy Lunchbox.


We were out-of-town Friday night and all day Saturday for my brother’s wedding so I packed Cam’s lunch and snacks since I had no idea what or when or where we’d be eating.

Her Laptop Lunches Lunchbox contains a blueberry muffin, sliced sweet peppers, sliced celery and carrots, lots of strawberries, fruit and cereal bars, and two Babybels.

I also packed bottled water and her reusable cup so I didn’t have to worry about drinks for her.


Clearly she had no problem settling into her new digs.


Daily Bento

7 Oct

Yesterday’s sandwich was a hit!

She ate all but the last two bites which were only bread.

I had one Hawaiian roll left so I filled it with thinly sliced roast beef for lunch today. Cam loves steak so I think she’ll like this one even better than the turkey sandwich she had yesterday.

I also filled her lunch box with cheese crackers, carrot sticks, a fruit and veggie strip, and a Babybel.

Daily Bento

30 Sep

Daddy made yesterday’s lunch which consisted of chocolate hazelnut spread on tortillas, carrot sticks, grapes, and cheese crackers.

Snack was a Whole Foods fruit and cereal bar cut in half and stacked, and a couple of dark chocolate covered almonds.

Daily Bento

9 Sep



Camryn loves romaine hearts. When I make a salad, I always set aside the crunchiest bits of the romaine for her. I prefer the leafy parts so it all works out.

Since she eats them plain and I had quite a bit of those crunchy bits of romaine leftover, I used them as a little bed for her crescent rolls today.

I filled the crescent rolls with chopped salami and shredded cheddar cheese last night. Once the crescent rolls were cool, I set them on top of the lettuce, added grapes, and put a few fruit & veggie leather cut-outs in the cute container.

The only thing I had to do this morning was chop an apple, soak it in lemon water for a minute to prevent browning, pat it dry, and pack it up with a cute pick!


Daily Bento

4 Sep


One of the comments that I received on Facebook a while ago went something like this:

“I’d like to see your grocery bill every week.”

This comment actually came from a friend so there was no ill will intended but I assume that what she was getting at was, since I don’t pack the same thing for lunch for my daughter every day, I must spend an astronomical amount of money.

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. I used to walk into a grocery store and think nothing of blowing most of my paycheck on groceries but that was when I was working full-time and earning a decent living. Now my job is to take care of my home and my family and although it’s the best job I’ve ever had, it doesn’t pay anything. So I’ve had to become a lot more frugal than I used to be.

I don’t like to give my daughter the same thing for lunch every day nor does she want the same lunch every day.

So how do I cater to my daughter’s love of a variety of different foods and still stay within my budget?

Today’s lunch is a great example of how I’m able to do just that. I pack leftovers for lunch whenever possible, I always buy what’s on sale and use coupons whenever possible, and I buy ingredients that I can use in multiple dishes throughout the week.

Pictured above is her lunch from today that contained leftover pasta salad from last night’s dinner which was just veggie pasta, chopped cherry tomatoes, herbs, parmesan, and a simple Italian dressing. Easy peasy.

I also tossed in some seedless watermelon chunks that I got for a crazy good deal because they were in season and on a BOGO (buy one get one) sale last week. The fruit-filled cereal bar was also purchased on sale and with a coupon. Those aren’t something that I normally buy for my daughter but I was able to get them for next to nothing and I know she enjoys finding them in her lunch from time to time.

I’m not sure if that particular friend ever reads this blog but I had suddenly remembered her comment today and this particular lunch is such a great example of a few of the ways that I save money on lunch packing that I figured, why not address it here?

So I did.

Do you have any money-saving tips for lunch packers? Let me know in the comments section below.






Daily Bento

28 Aug

Look! It’s a hamster bento.

hamster bento


You don’t see that too often.

Cuddle Palz, the newest sandwich cutter set from CuteZCute, contains a sweet little hamster face cutter/stamp and I just so happened to have a hamster pick so I just had to throw together a hamster bento.

Unfortunately, this poor guy had an accident of some sort along the way which left him with a scar on his face.

That just adds character, right?

Let’s go with that.

He’s filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and nestled in Cam’s Sugarbooger lunchbox next to some grapes, pineapple, and veggie straws.

His little hat and bow tie are both from this set.