Daily Bento

9 Sep



Camryn loves romaine hearts. When I make a salad, I always set aside the crunchiest bits of the romaine for her. I prefer the leafy parts so it all works out.

Since she eats them plain and I had quite a bit of those crunchy bits of romaine leftover, I used them as a little bed for her crescent rolls today.

I filled the crescent rolls with chopped salami and shredded cheddar cheese last night. Once the crescent rolls were cool, I set them on top of the lettuce, added grapes, and put a few fruit & veggie leather cut-outs in the cute container.

The only thing I had to do this morning was chop an apple, soak it in lemon water for a minute to prevent browning, pat it dry, and pack it up with a cute pick!



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