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Daily Bento

7 Mar


My bento friends are having a blog hop in honor of the new movie Oz The Great And Powerful which comes out tomorrow.

I made a fish bento. Not really on top of things over here.

Actually, I did put a respectable effort into trying to come up with something “Oz” but my crazy brain just kept coming back to fish.

So fish it is.

In today’s bento, Cam has a Nutella sandwich on swirled white/wheat bread. I used picks to spell out her favorite fish’s name. She loved that. I also put some goldfish crackers in the cute fish box. I used small cutters to make some fish, a whale, and a starfish out of cheese. And I put grapes and mandarin wedges in a “leafy” silicone cup. I think it looks slightly like kelp or seaweed so we’ll go with that. 😉





Daily Bento

26 Jan

I normally don’t post lunch pics on the weekends but I thought today’s lunch was pretty cute and worth a quick post.

Camryn and her Dad had a park day today so I made her a quick lunch to bring with her.

Since the park sits right on the bay, they always take time to walk down the pier and watch the fish and the boats go by. Since I had fish and a boat cutter, I couldn’t resist.

I packed two dolphin sandwiches, cheese fish, waves, and a boat, Goldfish, and grapes.


Daily Bento

7 Jan

Did you know that a baby fish is called a fry?

I sure didn’t. Not until this weekend when I had an aquarium full of them.

Let me back up a sec so this makes sense.

Camryn got an aquarium for Christmas. The weekend after Christmas, her Daddy took her to the pet store where she picked out two fish. Those fish have been happy and thriving in their new home on our counter top.

Over the last few days we noticed that one of the fish was getting really… plump. And she was eating like crazy.

My Husband made a joke about her possibly being pregnant (at that point we didn’t even know it was a her – we just always referred to that fish as a girl).

Long story short, we go to my parents’ house for lunch and there are two fish in the tank.

We come home later that evening and there are nine.

Seven teeny tiny little fish.

We’re calling them the fry kids – remember them?

A fishy themed lunch seemed appropriate today.

Here it is.

I made two fish shaped sandwiches which represent her two full-grown fish. She also has mozzarella bubbles, and a cup full of fry kids (cupcake flavored Goldfish crackers). The grapes and tomatoes kind of look like the gravel in her aquarium and strawberries are her favorite so I put them in as well. I included a “great job” pick because she’s done such a good job of taking care of her new pets.

All nine of them.