Daily Bento

7 Mar


My bento friends are having a blog hop in honor of the new movie Oz The Great And Powerful which comes out tomorrow.

I made a fish bento. Not really on top of things over here.

Actually, I did put a respectable effort into trying to come up with something “Oz” but my crazy brain just kept coming back to fish.

So fish it is.

In today’s bento, Cam has a Nutella sandwich on swirled white/wheat bread. I used picks to spell out her favorite fish’s name. She loved that. I also put some goldfish crackers in the cute fish box. I used small cutters to make some fish, a whale, and a starfish out of cheese. And I put grapes and mandarin wedges in a “leafy” silicone cup. I think it looks slightly like kelp or seaweed so we’ll go with that. šŸ˜‰





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