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Daily Bento

22 Sep


Remember this container? It’s the one I found in Marshall’s last year for about $4.

I saw it there again about a month ago so if you could use one and you have a Marshall’s near you, you might want to stop in and have a look. You could also try TJ Maxx, Ross, Beall’s, or HomeGoods.

It holds more food than my daughter would ever eat for lunch but it’s perfect for the days that she needs both lunch and a snack, which is today!

For lunch/snack today she has some grapes, sliced pepper rings, chocolate covered almonds, tortilla chips, and a sandwich.


Daily Bento

18 Sep


Cam’s Easy Lunchbox holds a cute sandwich, chocolate covered almonds, carrot coins, chopped celery, a few veggie sticks (I seem to have a bottomless bag), and some good advice courtesy of one of our Lunchbox Love notes.


Daily Bento

16 Sep

Cam loves finding Lunchbox Love notes in her lunch every day.

In fact, when I sent her off to school without one last Friday, she was sure to let me know that going forward, that would not be satisfactory.


So along with today’s Lunchbox Love note, the little one has two tiger sandwiches that I made with our Cuddle Palz cutter from CuteZCute, some red pepper rings, and a few veggie straws.







Daily Bento

28 Aug

Look! It’s a hamster bento.

hamster bento


You don’t see that too often.

Cuddle Palz, the newest sandwich cutter set from CuteZCute, contains a sweet little hamster face cutter/stamp and I just so happened to have a hamster pick so I just had to throw together a hamster bento.

Unfortunately, this poor guy had an accident of some sort along the way which left him with a scar on his face.

That just adds character, right?

Let’s go with that.

He’s filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and nestled in Cam’s Sugarbooger lunchbox next to some grapes, pineapple, and veggie straws.

His little hat and bow tie are both from this set.

Daily Bento

7 Mar

Sometimes I think that the most accurate description of bento should be: Cramming as much food as you possibly can into a smallish container while still maintaining its visual appeal.

Today’s bento represents that description pretty well.

In Cam’s small four square Lock & Lock box, I packed a whole carrot (sliced into coins), strawberries, grapes, a butterfly shaped cake, and two sandwiches (stacked).

Happy Friday!

Daily Bento & Snack

3 Feb

It’s Monday again which means that I had to pack lunch and a snack this morning.

I’m loving that my daughter gets to have a snack in the afternoon even if it is just once a week. She is so much more pleasant when she’s not starving.

I packed a chocolate hazelnut spread sandwich on whole wheat bread, some broccoflower, a few sweet potato tortilla chips, a Babybel, a small handful of tiny cookies, and some grapes.

Plenty of food for both lunch and snack for a six-year-old and it all fits neatly in our Easy Lunchbox Brights container.

I also packed a thermos full of ice water that will easily last all day.


Daily Bento

28 Jan

Today’s lunch is full of bears and bunnies.

Cam has a few bear sandwiches, Annie’s snack mix (which is full of bunnies), a few fresh strawberries with a bear pick for easy eating, and some dark chocolate covered almonds for a sweet treat.

Daily Bento

6 Jan


For lunch today, Cam has a chocolate hazelnut spread sandwich, two cookies, strawberries, and veggie straws.

Snack consists of sliced carrots and celery, a flapjack from our Graze box, and a few fruit and veggie gummy snacks.

Daily Bento

9 Sep


For lunch today, Cam has a Hello Kitty Biscoff sandwich on potato bread that was cut and stamped with our CuteZCute cutter, some fruit and veggie gummy snacks, Triscuit minis, and some fresh pineapple.

There’s a bit more sugar in today’s lunch than I normally pack for her but that’s o.k. every now and then.



Daily Bento

16 Apr


I know what you’re thinking.

Another lunch in that owl box?


I love this box. I love that it was cheap yet sturdy, BPA free, and dishwasher safe. I love how it seems to be the perfect size for the amount of food Cam eats right now. And I really the owls on top.

Don’t worry though, I have a really cool new lunchbox to share with you tomorrow so the monotony will soon end. 😉

For lunch today however, Cam has a chicken sandwich, veggie chips, fresh pineapple, grapes, and an all-natural cookie.

If you want a Sugarbooger Good Lunch Box owl container of your very own, you can find one here.

This one is also ridiculously cute.

And this one.