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Daily Bento

12 Apr


April showers make for gloomy pictures.

I won’t complain, this is my favorite part of spring. In this area, the earliest part of spring greets us with an over abundance of bugs that fly around and sting you. Bees, wasps, and hornets all come out in full force come mid-March.

That random bit of information brings me to a story now because it relates to the topic of flying, stinging bugs and had I not seen it for myself, I would have never believed it to be true.

My husband and I were walking out of a restaurant after breakfast one morning. As we rounded the corner and headed out into the parking lot we passed a wall of shrubs. The biggest hornets you’ve ever seen in all your days were flying all over the place and one just so happened to fly toward my husband’s face. Without hesitation, he grabbed that hornet out of the sky with his bare hand and threw it on the ground!

Who does that?

Crazy people… that’s who.

Also, people lookin’ to get stung – that’s who too!

How he managed to come away from that situation without meeting the business end of a hornet I’ll never know.

I don’t much care for stinging bugs so it’s nice to know that I married someone who will vanquish them without hesitation for me.

Anyway, the bees, wasps, and hornets haven’t been around so much in the last few days so I’m thinking that I’ve made it safely through another year. Although my little friend Noah was just stung in the armpit yesterday so maybe my relief is premature.

I should probably give it a few more days before I declare an official victory.

For lunch today Cam has a panda sandwich in a fancy hat filled with Biscoff, two cheese flowers, organic strawberries, and veggie chips.

Happy Weekend! 😉

Daily Bento

10 Apr


Because I need another lunch box like I need a kick in the teeth…



Although this one was so cute, I couldn’t pass it up.

I found it on Amazon and had to have it. I have a thing for whimsical owls. I love ’em. They remind me of Camryn.


Lemme explain:

Her Father picked out her name and before she was born, I started referring to her as “Ryn” or “Rynie” which sounds a lot like “wren” to me so her nursery was done in a bird theme and pretty much everything that belonged to her had birds on it. It’s still that way, birds have sort of become her trademark.

And because it’s an absolute fact of life that owls are super smart and she’s super smart, owls remind me of her. Hence, the owl lunch box.

I hope all that rambling makes sense.



It today’s super simple lunch Cam has a Biscoff kitty sandwich, a sliced mozzarella cheese stick, veggie chips, and grapes.






Daily Bento – In A Yubo!

5 Mar

We’ve chatted before about how I’m the cheapest lady in town.

Actually I chatted – you read. Thanks for that by the way.

I wanted a Yubo for Camryn for a really long time but just couldn’t part with the $40 plus shipping for what is essentially a lunch box. Even during the holidays when there was a 25% off coupon code floating around the internet, I just couldn’t do it.

I had all but given up on my dream of Yubo ownership and was happy just to stalk visit my friends’ blogs and ogle their fun and beautiful lunches packed neatly in their dreamy Yubos, when one day out of the blue, Cyndi from Yubo emailed me to let me know that I was the grand prize winner in their deluxe Yubo giveaway!

What the what?!

Little old me? I barely remember entering. But nevertheless – I’m super happy to be the winner!

Behold! Our first Yubo lunch:


Cam asked me to make her a Hello Kitty lunch today so I used my Cutezcute cutter to make a kitty sandwich and topped it off with a red bow food pick. Easy peasy Hello Kitty ;). She also has cheese hearts with a small piece of cherry baran on top for decoration, tortilla chips, and grapes in the large container.

I don’t have any Hello Kitty food picks so I simply placed a sticker on one of my other food picks and Voila! Instant Hello Kitty pick.

In the smaller containers, she has strawberries and yogurt with a few sprinkles on top.

After the ice pack was added and the lids were placed on the containers, I added a few more Hello Kitty stickers. There is no such thing as too much Hello Kitty to a 5 year old!

Here’s her Yubo with the ice pack and container lids added:

And the lid, my favorite part:


I absolutely love this lunch box and Camryn was so excited to show it off this morning.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that’s great Cass but where’s the drink?

Once we got everything packed in the Yubo we realized that I may have actually over-packed.

She only gets about 20 minutes for lunch and she spends most of it chatting with friends rather than eating. So I removed the strawberries and yogurt (she had those for snack after school) and put a juice box in instead.


Here it is with the juice box:


So what’s the verdict?

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like it might be in bad taste to do a “review” of something you won.  It’s also really hard to do a thorough review on something you’ve only had for one day. But when I like something – I like it. It’s as simple as that. Cam loves it and her friends had a fit over it this morning too. So in my book, it’s a winner.

A Few Of My Favorite Things:

  • It’s really cute.
  • It seems durable and well made – of course only time will tell.
  • Camryn can open and close everything herself.
  • Lunch stayed cold until lunchtime and the ice pack was still ice cold when she came home from school.
  • The whole thing comes apart and goes in the dishwasher! that.
  • The containers are leak proof.
  • It’s a bit on the heavier side but Cam had no problems carrying it. Since it will only build up her teeny muscles, I’m calling this a plus!

The only thing I don’t really love about it is that there’s no room for a drink if all the containers are used. So she’ll have to carry her thermos in her backpack from time to time. However this is not that big of a deal as long as she remembers to take the thermos out of her backpack at lunch time ;). Yubo also sells attachable drink holders for $5.95 with a set shipping price of $1.50. So that may be an option down the road.

If you’re interested in getting a Yubo of your very own, you can check them out here: www.getyubo.com.


* Yes, I’m aware that there is a dark spot on my pics. There’s a smudge or scratch on the inside of the lens & it’s driving me nuts. My birthday is right around the corner though so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the hubs comes through with a new camera.

Daily Bento

27 Feb


Cam has a piggy bento for lunch today. I think I’ll go ahead and keep the animal themed bentos going through the end of the week.

In today’s lunch Cam has a PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful PB & strawberry preserves sandwich, organic fruit leather “oink!”, an all natural gummy heart, cheese pigs, Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix, grapes, and carrot coins.


Daily Bento

26 Feb

As I was looking around for lunch ideas last night, I happily discovered that I had lots of kitty bento stuff – most of which I hadn’t used yet. So I made a kitty cat bento for my kitty cat loving kid.

We had an impromptu sandwich spread taste test after school yesterday. Cam said she was ready to try peanut butter again so once the shock wore off, I grabbed every jar of anything that would spread on a cracker I could find. I figured I might as well milk this opportunity for all it was worth.

She tried Biscoff spread, PB  & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful, PB & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams, and regular old peanut butter.

Oddly enough, she had already tried a couple of these items before and swore to me that she hated them.

Well guess what? This time she liked them all.

Kids are fickle.

Biscoff won the taste test by a landslide. Followed by the white chocolate peanut butter, the dark chocolate peanut butter, and lastly – regular peanut butter.

Since she was so fond of the Biscoff, I put some in her lunch today in the middle of a kitty sandwich with a teeny bit of jelly. She also has cat-shaped cheese (oh my word), carrot coins, and Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix in the cat cup.

Daily Bento

7 Feb

For lunch today, I made a ham sandwich with a piggy face. I couldn’t resist.

I also packed grapes, pretzels, chocolate coated sunflower seeds, carrots, and Annie’s bunny fruit snacks.


Daily Bento

5 Feb

It’s World Nutella Day!

Yes, that’s an actual holiday. And any holiday centered around food is a holiday that I can get on board with.

It’s also National Frozen Yogurt Day so if Nutella isn’t your thing you can always celebrate frozen yogurt.

Or you could celebrate both and have some Nutella flavored frozen yogurt.

If that’s not already a thing, it should be!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that in our house, we prefer Jif Hazelnut spread. We think it tastes better and you get more for your money. And that’s not even a paid endorsement. Although if Jif wanted to send me some free product to review on this blog I’d be more than happy to accept it.

So I guess we’re not really celebrating Nutella Day here but we love our chocolate hazelnut spread none the less so I put it on a sandwich anyway.

Aside from the chocolate hazelnut spread kitty sandwich, I packed Cheez-its, strawberries, carrots, cheese stars, and the rest of the sunflower seeds that were leftover from lunch yesterday in the star box.


Daily Bento

25 Jan

Happy Friday!

Today’s lunch is pretty simple.

Camryn asked for more meat and cheese roll-ups so I made some for her using salami and mozzarella. She also has a cat sandwich filled with Jif Hazelnut spread, strawberries, grapes, and tiny saltines.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.


Daily Bento

17 Jan


Camryn was so excited about this lunch this morning.

“You made me a kitty sandwich – AND IT HAS A SPRINKLE!!!”

It’s the little things.

Her lunch today also has a clementine, strawberries, celery sticks, mozzarella bears and three chocolate covered almonds in the little clover box.

Daily Bento

19 Dec

It’s a piggy bento!

Cam requested a pig bento today since she had a panda bento yesterday.

In this one, I packed a piggy sandwich along with two tiny flower shaped sandwiches. I had a little bread left from cutting the pig shape out and I didn’t want it to go to waste.

I also packed clementine wedges, Ritz Bitz cheese crackers, and 3 mini marshmallows in the tiny box. I had to include the mushroom box, pigs love mushrooms. Actually, pigs will eat anything. They’re not picky. I speak from experience.

I’m really not sure if those pink animals in the clementines are supposed to be pigs. I think they look more like frogs but Cam swears they’re pigs.