Daily Bento

5 Feb

It’s World Nutella Day!

Yes, that’s an actual holiday. And any holiday centered around food is a holiday that I can get on board with.

It’s also National Frozen Yogurt Day so if Nutella isn’t your thing you can always celebrate frozen yogurt.

Or you could celebrate both and have some Nutella flavored frozen yogurt.

If that’s not already a thing, it should be!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have to tell you that in our house, we prefer Jif Hazelnut spread. We think it tastes better and you get more for your money. And that’s not even a paid endorsement. Although if Jif wanted to send me some free product to review on this blog I’d be more than happy to accept it.

So I guess we’re not really celebrating Nutella Day here but we love our chocolate hazelnut spread none the less so I put it on a sandwich anyway.

Aside from the chocolate hazelnut spread kitty sandwich, I packed Cheez-its, strawberries, carrots, cheese stars, and the rest of the sunflower seeds that were leftover from lunch yesterday in the star box.



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