Daily Bento

12 Apr


April showers make for gloomy pictures.

I won’t complain, this is my favorite part of spring. In this area, the earliest part of spring greets us with an over abundance of bugs that fly around and sting you. Bees, wasps, and hornets all come out in full force come mid-March.

That random bit of information brings me to a story now because it relates to the topic of flying, stinging bugs and had I not seen it for myself, I would have never believed it to be true.

My husband and I were walking out of a restaurant after breakfast one morning. As we rounded the corner and headed out into the parking lot we passed a wall of shrubs. The biggest hornets you’ve ever seen in all your days were flying all over the place and one just so happened to fly toward my husband’s face. Without hesitation, he grabbed that hornet out of the sky with his bare hand and threw it on the ground!

Who does that?

Crazy people… that’s who.

Also, people lookin’ to get stung – that’s who too!

How he managed to come away from that situation without meeting the business end of a hornet I’ll never know.

I don’t much care for stinging bugs so it’s nice to know that I married someone who will vanquish them without hesitation for me.

Anyway, the bees, wasps, and hornets haven’t been around so much in the last few days so I’m thinking that I’ve made it safely through another year. Although my little friend Noah was just stung in the armpit yesterday so maybe my relief is premature.

I should probably give it a few more days before I declare an official victory.

For lunch today Cam has a panda sandwich in a fancy hat filled with Biscoff, two cheese flowers, organic strawberries, and veggie chips.

Happy Weekend! 😉


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