Late Lunches

13 May

I think most of us who blog about kids’ lunches tend to go through a little burn out towards the end of each school year.

We start every school year with the best of intentions but by the time April rolls around, we’re pretty much over it.

I am certainly no exception.

This time of year is super busy for my family too and that sure doesn’t help things.

We’ve got projects due, competitions, concerts, end of year meetings, graduation and all of the activities leading up to graduation… it’s crazy!

Crazy or not, the kids still have to eat. So here are a few lunches that I managed to snap a picture of, or perhaps gently coerced my husband to snap a picture of so that we could get our dear little lamb out the door to school on time.

This first lunch consisted of a grilled cheese sandwich which was made in the morning and allowed to cool completely before it was sliced and packed up. I also added some peas, corn, and fresh tomatoes to Cam’s ELB.

It wasn’t pretty, but every bit of it was eaten and that’s really all I care about.

This lunch box contained a pasta salad packed with veggies, some garlic knots, and a few chocolate rabbits left over from Easter (which also tells you how long ago it was made).

This is about as cute as it gets here, folks. Two sandwiches cut with a flower-shaped cookie cutter, pretzel crackers, carrot coins, and celery. I think my husband might have actually made this one.


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