5 Jan


Hi guys!

Long time no see huh?

Yeah, about that….

Sorry to leave all of you hanging and just sort of drop out of the blogosphere for months but I have a really good excuse, promise.

I’ve actually been writing full-time for another blog (unfortunately, as indicated by the lengthy and super-legal forms I signed, I can’t tell you which one :() and frankly, I just haven’t had the energy to do any blogging of my own. But now that I’ve finally gotten the hang of my new employment, I’m determined to get back to bentoing, blogging and occasionally run-on-sentencing.

Pictured above is the first of hopefully many more lunches to come. It contains Cam’s favorite version of a veggie burrito bowl. I’ve written about it previously here if you’re interested.

She actually had this for breakfast this morning right out of the refrigerator. This stuff is great hot, cold, room-temp, whatever. Basically, it’s all good.

She also has a fresh fruit salad on the side that contains mango chunks, strawberry, kiwi and these picks to jazz it up a bit.

Today’s lunch is all packed up in her new Lunchbots Duo that Santa brought.




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  1. Sara January 5, 2016 at 3:48 pm #

    How exciting!!! So happy for you!! Always enjoy reading your blog!


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