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Late Lunches

13 May

I think most of us who blog about kids’ lunches tend to go through a little burn out towards the end of each school year.

We start every school year with the best of intentions but by the time April rolls around, we’re pretty much over it.

I am certainly no exception.

This time of year is super busy for my family too and that sure doesn’t help things.

We’ve got projects due, competitions, concerts, end of year meetings, graduation and all of the activities leading up to graduation… it’s crazy!

Crazy or not, the kids still have to eat. So here are a few lunches that I managed to snap a picture of, or perhaps gently coerced my husband to snap a picture of so that we could get our dear little lamb out the door to school on time.

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16 Feb

ELB Urban Collection Black Lid

Have you seen the brand new Urban set from Easy Lunchboxes?

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10 Feb

valentine lunch ideas

If you’re looking for some lunch inspiration for your little Valentines, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be the first to admit that these certainly aren’t the healthiest Valentine lunches you’ll find on the internet but they sure are cute and they were pretty easy to put together too.

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30 Dec

top 10 2014


How is it December 30th already?

Weren’t we just talking about Halloween things?

Now that 2014 is coming to an end, it’s time to take a look back at some of the most popular posts of the last year.

YOUR favorites.

I’m always surprised by these because they almost never match up with my favorites, but that’s okay.

You guys like what you like.

And just like last year, I was really shocked not only by which ones made the top ten, but which ones actually landed at the top.

So if you’re ready, let’s check out the top ten recipes of 2014!


10. Roasted Tomatoes and Red Pepper in Savory Black Tea Broth with Parmesan Thyme Crisps – This one might be tenth on the list but it takes the top spot for longest recipe title ever. Good grief! It’s basically just a really great tomato soup with homemade cheese crackers. I can see why it made the top ten.

9. Roasted Apricot Parfait with Chai Spiced Almonds – Because why just eat a piece of fruit?

8. Moving Day Pasta – Our favorite pasta. I’m glad this one made the top ten.

7. Pumpkin Peanut Butter – I put this stuff on everything. No shame.

6. Roasted Carrot and Red Lentil Soup – Of all the soup + tea combos I came up with this year, this one was my favorite.

5. Sandwich Sushi – An oldie but a goodie.

4. Fruity Oatmeal Squares – I get it. These are fantastic.

3. Peanut Butter Cookie Dough Bites – Tastes like cookie dough but much better for you. No surprise that this one landed in the top three.

2. Soft and Chewy Spiced Oat Bars – Oh yes. The famous Graze box copycat bars. These are fantastic. Everyone I’ve ever made them for adores them. Good choice.


Get ready to be shocked or at least mildly surprised.

The recipe that holds the top spot for 2014 is… no seriously, this is crazy:



That recipe got more views than any other recipe on this site this year.

I’m not sure how but the stats don’t lie.


Did your favorite make the list?

If not, I’d love to hear which recipe was your favorite.

















Look! It’s A Lunch.

17 Dec


The morning light isn’t great this time of year so my lunch posting tends to slack a little bit.

I did manage to snap a decent pic of one of Cam’s lunches earlier this week so I thought I’d share it with you guys in case you need some lunch inspiration.

This lunch was packed in her super cute little pink house bento box and contained sweet peppers, two clementines, veggie straws, and a sandwich cut into tiny hearts (and one square) and sealed so the filling doesn’t squish out.


Last Week’s Lunches

9 Dec

Last week was pretty hectic around here so I didn’t get a chance to post any lunches.

I did somehow manage to snap pics of three of Cam’s lunches from last week so here they are in no particular order of importance:


This lunch had to be from either Monday or Tuesday because that’s when Cam has P.E. and I distinctly remember laying what was left of the cookies out on the counter and trying to make a word out of the few letters that were left. “JOG” was the best I could do and I figured it was appropriate given that Cam’s class was taking their fitness tests that week. Lots of jogging was to be expected.

Lunch was packed in her Good Lunchbox by Sugarbooger and contained a chicken sandwich on Hawaiian bread, sliced sweet peppers, carrot sticks, veggie straws, and three Orange Chocolate Beet Bitsy’s Brainfood cookies (look for more info on those coming soon).


For Friday’s lunch, I packed a cute koala sandwich that I made with this cutter, a Babybel, three Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot Bitsy’s Brainfood cookies, veggie chips, and celery bites filled with cream cheese and topped with flax seeds. There are a couple of chocolate covered almonds in the cute little box.

Lunch was packed in an Easy Lunchbox.


We were out-of-town Friday night and all day Saturday for my brother’s wedding so I packed Cam’s lunch and snacks since I had no idea what or when or where we’d be eating.

Her Laptop Lunches Lunchbox contains a blueberry muffin, sliced sweet peppers, sliced celery and carrots, lots of strawberries, fruit and cereal bars, and two Babybels.

I also packed bottled water and her reusable cup so I didn’t have to worry about drinks for her.


Clearly she had no problem settling into her new digs.


Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

halloween bento


Cam’s class is walking to the park this morning for some playground fun and they’re having a pizza party later this afternoon.

Lucky kids.

It’s actually a reward for all of the kids who got good grades and good behavior on their report cards but it happened to fall on Halloween.

Cam was so sick with strep last Halloween that she couldn’t get off the couch all day. She couldn’t eat, I had to help her walk, she lost her vision for a while, it was bad. Bad enough that it took four weeks and two rounds of strong antibiotics to get rid of it.

After what she went through last year, I think she deserves a super special Halloween so we’ve got lots of trick or treating planned for later tonight, and I made her a really fun lunch that I think she’ll love.

In her Easy Lunchbox she has three vampire bat sandwiches, a couple of cheesy party pumpkins, a chocolate cookie that I made using a cookie stamp, strawberries, grapes, popcorn, candy corn, and a few black sugar skulls.

I hope everyone has a fun night!

Happy Halloween!


30 Oct

witch bento


There are a couple of friendly witches in today’s lunch.

And since witches need a broom to get around, I made one out of a pretzel stick and a piece of string cheese.

I also made a guacamole potion and some cat-shaped tortilla chips for dipping.

To make the cat chips, I cut the shapes from a flour tortilla with a small cookie cutter, sprayed them lightly with non-stick spray, seasoned them with sea salt, and baked at 350 until golden and crisp.

I tossed in a few yellow tomatoes and two cookies that I wrapped in cupcake liners and added a little sticker on top.

29 Oct

halloween bento

The Mr. is working a 12 hour shift tonight so I took the liberty of making him a ridiculous lunch.

He has a turkey sandwich with gummy eyeballs and a monster mouth that I saved from a lollipop that Camryn had last week. I stuck some pieces of paper towel onto the backs of the eyes so that the bread won’t taste like grape.

Speaking of grapes, he also has a few of those as well as some Halloween themed pretzels, and a Babybel is lurking under that cute pumpkin sticker.

29 Oct

halloween bento 2014 pumpkins


I went with a pumpkin theme for today’s lunch.

Or maybe it’s a pumpkin/bell pepper theme because that taller sandwich looks more like a bell pepper to me than a pumpkin.

Do you see it too?

The two “pumpkin” sandwiches are filled with chocolate hazelnut spread. These were made using some inexpensive cookie stamps that I found at Wal-Mart last year. I bought a bag that contained several different cutters and didn’t get to use them all during Halloween week last year.

I also attached a cute pumpkin sticker (found on sale of course) to a Babybel, and tossed in some black grapes with these cute eye picks, pumpkin-shaped pretzels, and a few pieces of candy corn.