10 Feb

valentine lunch ideas

If you’re looking for some lunch inspiration for your little Valentines, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ll be the first to admit that these certainly aren’t the healthiest Valentine lunches you’ll find on the internet but they sure are cute and they were pretty easy to put together too.

Yes, that lunch contained both a sugary snack cake and candy but my daughter loved it and I’m okay with a little extra sugar on a holiday.

It makes me cringe thinking about those popcorn kernel skins that were surely stuck in her teeth all afternoon but this was another V-Day lunch that made my kiddo super happy.

Don’t have time to make pancakes in the morning? Cool, me neither. Make a batch over the weekend and freeze them so they’re ready when you are. These pancakes were sweet enough and frankly, there was plenty of sugar in that lunch so I didn’t need to pack any syrup.

Even though I actually made this lunch way back in October of 2012 (which explains the bad lighting) it contains hearts and flowers so it says Valentine’s Day to me.

A sandwich cut into a cute shape and filled with chocolate hazelnut spread and a few sprinkles would make a perfect addition to a Valentine’s lunch.

If your kiddo doesn’t do sandwiches, how about using a heart-shaped cookie cutter to spruce up their brownie or cookie?

Cutters, fancy picks, and pink silicone cups are great but you don’t necessarily need those things to create a lunch your little Valentines will love.

Using a variety of pink and/or red foods and including a sweet note or a little Valentine treat can also do the trick.


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