9 Feb

meal plan 2-8-15

You’ll notice that this meal plan is a little different from the rest.

It doesn’t contain a list of ingredients that I needed from various stores or how much I spent.

If it’s okay with you, I’m going to skip that part from here on out.

From now on, I’ll just be sharing our meal plan from time to time to hopefully inspire some dinner ideas at your house.

I think that this is one of those times where keeping things simple is best.

So without any further adieu, here’s what we’ll be having for dinner this week:


1. Cheeseburger Soup – Hearty and delicious. Also makes plenty of leftovers so we’ll have this soup with a simple salad two nights in a row.

cheeseburger soupphoto credit


2. This pasta – I make a similar version of this dish but with cream or half and half instead of cream cheese. Can’t wait to try this version.

Creamy-Tomato-Spinach-Pasta-panphoto credit


3. Meatballs – With mashed potatoes and broccoli. Easy comfort food.

4. Taco salad – Cam’s favorite. I use tortilla chips instead of taco shells.

5. Pizza – I’ve got kids, they like pizza. What can you do?

6. Leftovers


That’s our plan this week. I hope you’ve gotten some ideas for your own meal plan and if not, check out previous meal plans for more inspiration.





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