Sandwich Sushi

5 Oct

When I was a kid, I hated jams & jellies of all kinds.  So my parents would send me to school with peanut butter & mayonnaise sandwiches, banana & mayonnaise sandwiches, peanut butter & banana sandwiches & one sandwich I vaguely remember that had pineapple, cheese & most likely mayonnaise on it as well. Needless to say, I got a lot of sideways glances at the lunch table.

Now that I’m packing lunches for my kids, I’m the one catering to their specific tastes. My oldest eats the same sandwich every day. He never gets tired of it. My youngest doesn’t like sandwiches of any kind. We’ve covered this issue in the past. So I have to be a little more creative with her.

I like to make sandwich sushi for her from time to time because it’s easy & most of the time, she’ll eat it. She also thinks it looks really cool so that makes me a hero – I like being a hero.

Sandwich sushi is all over kids’ bento-land. I’m sure you’ve probably seen it done in some form or fashion before you stumbled upon this post. I thought it would be nice to post a quick tutorial just in case you had never actually seen the steps. It’s super simple. Here’s how you do it…



3 Responses to “Sandwich Sushi”

  1. Sara October 5, 2012 at 3:47 pm #

    Love it!! i will have to try this!



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    […] and jar lids all make good cutters. Sauce jars and wine bottles are great for rolling out bread for sandwich sushi, and graduated cookie cutters can be used to make sealed sandwiches as Ming from […]


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    […] peaches & cucumber flowers in the bottom tier. In the top tier, Cam has nutella & flax seed sandwich sushi, multi-grain pringles, and a chocolate covered granola bar cut into bite-sized pieces. Share […]


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