Daily Bento

4 Dec


For today’s bento, I used a dough press to shape and seal hazelnut spread sandwiches. Of all my sandwich cutters, my dough press wastes the least amount of bread. Once rounds are cut out of the bread slice, there is only a small amount of crust that has been removed.

They’re super easy to use too. Just warm up the bread in the microwave for about 5 seconds, cut into rounds using the back of the cutter, then fill and seal. So easy my 5 yr old can do it. The trick to making it really seal is warming up the bread for just a bit.

I also put raw green beans, raw broccoli, tomatoes and grapes in today’s bento.

This lunch is packed in the free sandwich box we got from Rudi’s which is just a bit wider then a regular sandwich box.

The Rudi’s promo is over but I did some searching online and found this one which is a pretty darn close match: sandwich container

If you’re interested in the dough presses you can check them out here: dough press set



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