Daily Bento

5 Dec


Remember that $10 gift card that Pottery Barn Kids sent me when I ordered Cam’s purple bento box?

I used it to order a set of lunch punches, which arrived yesterday afternoon.

When I opened the package guess what I found…

Another $10 gift card!!! Pottery Barn Kids rocks!

So naturally I went right over to my laptop and put that $10 gift card to good use and bought another set of lunch punches.

These sets are running anywhere from $11.99 to $15.99 on various sites right now. PBK has them for $15.99 and they ship free.

So after my gift card, I paid $5.35 for each set to be shipped right to my door. Thanks PBK!

Also, PBK.com is running a “deal of the day” promo right now and wouldn’t you know, the Spencer bento boxes that I featured last week were on it yesterday for $10 with free shipping. So if you’re in the market for some lunch goodies, keep checking PBK.com. You never know what you might find. And you may get a $10 gift card out of the deal as well which is always fun.

Getting back to the topic of today’s lunch…

Camryn has her first loose tooth which blows my mind because she’s only 5. And frankly, I’m a little sad that she’s losing her baby teeth so early. She has such pretty teeth that all sit perfectly right where they should in her mouth and the idea that one of them will be gone soon to be replaced by a hole and then a giant adult-sized tooth makes me want to cry.

My little lady requested softer foods for lunch today because it hurts Mr. Wiggles when she bites into crunchy foods like raw veggies.

So today, we packed a chocolate hazelnut spread sandwich that was cut using the gumball lunch punch from the “Sweet” set. We also packed grapes, string cheese and yogurt with sprinkles in the shape of autumn leaves in a separate container.



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