Daily Bento

12 Apr

Any time we have tacos for dinner, Cam always gets the leftovers in her lunchbox the next day.

That kid loves her tacos.

The challenge with taco salad is that you almost always have cold food that needs to stay cold, and hot food that needs to stay hot.

Cold taco meat? No thank you. Warm lettuce? Not going there either.

So I pack all of the cold stuff in one of her Easy Lunchboxes while I’m putting dinner away that night, and then in the morning, some seasoned ground beef (and/or beans if we have them) goes into her preheated thermos.

When lunchtime rolls around, all she has to do is put the ground beef on top of her lettuce and cheese, toss those chopped tomatoes over the top, and eat it all up!

Sometimes she crumbles the tortilla chips on top as well and then mixes everything together, sometimes she eats them separately, sometimes she uses them as little scoops. She’s fickle.

In the middle-sized section, she has a mixture of rice, black beans, corn, cilantro, and lime (also leftover from last night’s dinner).




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