Daily Bento

3 Apr


Lunch is in the Yumbox today.

I love this little box. It’s just the right size for Camryn’s appetite. I think we’ll both be a little sad when she outgrows it.

Yesterday afternoon I made some vegan chocolate chip cupcakes for the kids to snack on and to toss into their lunch boxes. More and more of my baking has become vegan because it’s cheaper, most of the time it’s easier, and everything tastes just as good.

For lunch today, I tossed two of those unfrosted vegan cupcakes into her Yumbox along with some golden butter crackers, sweet pepper rings, carrot coins, pineapple, cheddar/mozzarella cheese, and some teeny tiny pepperoni.

It’s hard to tell but the picks on the cupcakes say ‘choco’. Adorbs.


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