2 Oct


Here’s an incredibly easy and kid-friendly party treat for you.

I almost didn’t post it because it’s one of those treats that are so simple to make, I tend to assume that everyone already knows how to make them.

So if by chance you’ve never seen this done before, today is your lucky day.

You could call also them Wizard Wands, Magic Wands, basically any occupation or lifestyle that demands a wand is covered here.


Wands For Witches & Warlocks

pretzel rods

14 oz. bag colored candy melts – You can usually find these in craft or baking supply stores if your local grocer doesn’t carry them.



Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or a silicone mat.

Empty the entire bag of candy melts into a microwave safe bowl.

Add a couple teaspoons of vegetable oil.  The oil will keep your candy from hardening too soon.

Heat for 30 seconds, stir. Heat for 10 seconds, stir.

If all of the candy isn’t melted, heat another 10 seconds, and stir.

Do not over heat the candy. There’s no saving it once it’s burned.

Once the candy is melted, pour it into a tall glass.

Dip your pretzel rods about halfway (more or less) into the candy, lift straight up and hold over the glass so the excess can run back into the glass.

Add sprinkles and lay the dipped pretzel onto the baking sheet to set up.

That’s it!


*If you can’t find candy melts, you can also use white chocolate died with food coloring to the color of your choice. The process is the same.


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