Daily Bento

31 Dec

Cam and her Daddy are having a park day today so I packed her a fun little lunch that she could munch on when she got hungry.

We have a great park just down the road from us located right on the bay that has multiple playgrounds. Kids can run from playground to playground all afternoon and when they get tired of that, they can walk out on the dock and look at the boats going by or try to spy sea life under the water. Fun!

My two usually stay out a while when they go to this park so this will cover lunch and snack.

This lunch contains broccoli, strawberries, grapes, carrots, 4 hazelnut spread sandwiches (2 of each animal, stacked), and a small container which contains raisins and tiny chocolate candies.

Once I got everything packed, I realized that I hadn’t put any protein in her lunch so I threw in a cheese stick for good measure.


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