Daily Bento – Finally!

30 Dec

Hi Everyone!
It’s been a while. I took a break from posting to relax and enjoy my family. I hope you were able to do the same over the holiday.

I hadn’t been making bentos for Camryn due to the fact that we were either eating with family during lunchtime, eating out, or eating leftovers so there was no need.

I did make a snack bento for Cam to munch on while she was playing this afternoon.

I used a toothpick to write a quick message on her banana. The message will get darker as time goes on. This is only after about 15 minutes. I also cut a slit up the back of the banana to make it easier for her to peel.

She has clementines and grapes in the same tier with her banana.

In the other tier, she has a cheese stick sliced in half, Annie’s Bunny Friends and strawberries.


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