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Daily Bento

1 Apr


Spring Break is ovah!

The kids are back in school where they belong and all is right with the world!

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids.

But when all four of us are cooped up in our small home and 3 out of the 4 of us are sick, it’s no picnic.

There were no trips to the beach or play dates in the park for us last week. Just 9 straight days of 102 degree fevers, incessant coughing, running noses… and the dreaded stomach virus.

I was the only one that made it out of the other side of Spring Break unscathed.

Maybe it’s all my years of having small people cough and sneeze in my face that have rendered me impervious to viruses. Who knows?

I’m just glad the whole ordeal is done.

I made banana bread over the weekend and I threw in some chopped caramels as a special breakfast treat for my adoring children. Their response was “Um, yeah Mom – this banana bread is fine and all but you’re gonna get us some waffles tomorrow, right?”


Anyway, I thought instead of a sandwich, I’d put some of that banana bread in Cam’s lunch today. I used our FunBites Cube It! to easily cut it into little bite-sized cubes so she could just pop them in her mouth. She also has a Babybel cheese (her new jam), Annie’s Organic Fruit Snacks (under the cheese), strawberries, carrot sticks, and a little treat from her Easter basket.

Easter Bento

30 Mar


Since I hadn’t made any Easter themed lunches this week due to Camryn being sick, I figured I’d better get on it, or Easter would pass me by.

I’m happy to say that Cam does have a bit of her appetite back so she was able to eat lunch today.

In today’s lunch:

  • Chocolate hazelnut bunny sandwich with fruit leather details & marshmallow tail
  • Apple bunnies with fruit leather details & chocolate covered sunflower seed ears
  • Pretzel bunnies
  • Cheesy chicks with carrot beaks & fruit leather feet (hatching chick is made out of colby & mozzarella)
  • Small piece of chocolate in the plastic egg


*I noticed after the picture was taken that the Easter Bunny’s ear was crooked. She was sitting right next to me when I snapped the pic so I’ll let you figure out what happened 😉 .

Daily Bento – Blast From The Past

22 Mar

The funk has invaded our house.

Both of the kids are sick and both have very different ailments.

The oldest is dealing with a stomach bug while the youngest has a respiratory infection.

How does that even happen?

Camryn has been eating small meals throughout the day so I didn’t make a fancied up lunch yesterday or today.

I did however remember a certain lunch that I made for her over a weekend last month that I never posted.

I actually can’t believe I’m going to show it to you because honestly, it’s not my best work.

Camryn must have agreed because when she saw it she said “Mom, that pig looks crazy.”

She’s right. There’s a creepy look in his cheesy eyes.

Cam was going through a pretty serious Angry Birds phase a few months ago so I thought it would be fun to surprise her with an Angry Birds lunch.

The only problem was that I wasn’t real sure what those pigs and birds looked like. I only played it once, ages ago after several minutes of pleading from my husband and daughter.

I’m not into the vidja games which makes me the odd man out in my household.

Call me crazy, but as a SAHM I can usually find something more productive to do like cooking, cleaning, or child rearing than sitting around playing video games.

I’m not knocking anyone that does sit around and play those games all day, go for it if that’s your thing – no judgement. But I have a really addictive personality and I have no doubt that if I started playing, even if just for fun, I would soon be hooked and before you know it, my house would look like a cross between the second half of a Harlem Shake video (you know, where the kids are on the counters with mixing bowls on their heads) and one of those houses on Hoarders.

Not pretty.

Plus, it would be kind of hard to justify my not working if my husband had to do all the housework and work a full-time job at night because I was obsessed with getting to the next level of Halo or Assassins Creed or Zelda or whatever it is the kids are into these days.

Yeah, I’d say my reasoning is pretty solid.

So back to my dilemma, I looked on the interweb and luckily those pigs are everywhere. Plus, we had some Angry Birds graham crackers and their little faces were all over the box.

So there’s really no excuse for what I’m about to show you.




I’m telling you, that’s a Halloween mask waiting to happen. Take note costume manufacturers.

I believe that behind that psychopathic glare is a chicken sandwich. His eyes were made out of mozzarella cheese stick slices and food grade marker. The mouth and eyebrows were made out of organic fruit leather. His teeth were also made from mozzarella cheese.

I also put strawberries, pineapple, cheese stars, fruit leather letter cut-outs, and Angry Birds graham crackers in this lunch.


Daily Bento

19 Mar

Have you figured out the theme for today’s bento?

I know… it’s pretty obvious.

I made Camryn a space-themed bento featuring her favorite planet (Saturn) with a few aliens thrown in for fun.

I’m pretty sure that when making a space-themed lunch for a 5-year-old, aliens are a must. 😉

In today’s lunch:

  • Saturn sandwich with two cheesy aliens on top
  • Dark chocolate covered blueberry and acai berries in the star box
  • Grape planets with carrot stars (and a couple more cheesy aliens)
  • All natural yogurt with organic fruit leather moon, star, & another Saturn on top
  • Graham cracker stars. Made by using a small star-shaped cutter
  • Organic Fuji Apple rockets

Daily Bento

15 Mar


Happy Friday!

Cam’s school is the “Cool School” for the week according to one of our local TV stations. They were featured on the news all morning and the whole school did The Cupid Shuffle during the last segment.

We had to watch the coverage a few times before I finally saw her but find her I did. And I am pleased to report that she was dancing her tiny heart out & making her mama proud.

Let’s talk about her lunch.

In Cam’s lunch:

  • 3 slices of 5 grain all natural bread
  • Sliced all natural turkey roll-ups
  • Grapes
  • Annie’s Organic Cherry Fruit Snacks
  • Grape tomatoes
  • Mozzarella cheese

Daily Bento

14 Mar


In Cam’s Easy Lunchbox today is a panda pb&j sandwich with some organic fruit leather cut outs for facial features. I also packed Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix, cheese flowers, apple flowers, and grapes.



Daily Bento & A Birthday!

12 Mar

Nope – not Camryn’s.

That’s crazy little monkey’s birthday is next month.

It’s mine!

So I made her a birthday themed lunch today.


Please excuse the picture quality. It was pouring rain and gloomy this morning so my pictures came out really dark and blurry 😦

I made Camryn a layered chicken sandwich cake with cheese decorations and stuck a little party hat on top to hold everything together. I also added pretzel tiaras, dried strawberries & apples, cupcake flavored goldfish, two pieces of vegan chocolate cake topped with bows to look sort of like presents, two grape tomato balloons, and the party cheese guy is back!

Can’t have a birthday themed bento without the party cheese guy!

I’m off to celebrate my birthday! I hope your day is fabulous

Daily Bento

7 Mar


My bento friends are having a blog hop in honor of the new movie Oz The Great And Powerful which comes out tomorrow.

I made a fish bento. Not really on top of things over here.

Actually, I did put a respectable effort into trying to come up with something “Oz” but my crazy brain just kept coming back to fish.

So fish it is.

In today’s bento, Cam has a Nutella sandwich on swirled white/wheat bread. I used picks to spell out her favorite fish’s name. She loved that. I also put some goldfish crackers in the cute fish box. I used small cutters to make some fish, a whale, and a starfish out of cheese. And I put grapes and mandarin wedges in a “leafy” silicone cup. I think it looks slightly like kelp or seaweed so we’ll go with that. 😉




Daily Bento

28 Feb



Today’s bento has bunnies in it – lots of bunnies. In fact, it may be bunny overkill.

Unless you’re 5. In that case, there’s no such thing.

In today’s lunch Cam has: 4 PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful bunny sandwiches, 2 organic fruit leather “hops”, bunny & carrot shaped pretzels, broccoli, grapes, carrot coins, bunny cheese, and 2 star-shaped cookies.


Daily Bento

27 Feb


Cam has a piggy bento for lunch today. I think I’ll go ahead and keep the animal themed bentos going through the end of the week.

In today’s lunch Cam has a PB & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful PB & strawberry preserves sandwich, organic fruit leather “oink!”, an all natural gummy heart, cheese pigs, Annie’s Cheddar Bunny Snack Mix, grapes, and carrot coins.