Daily Bento

1 Sep


Camryn made this lunch which basically consists of odds and ends from our fridge.

In her super cute new cheeseburger bento box she has alphabet pasta, corn, and half of a very large chicken breast that I diced for her. She insisted on a cilantro garnish. She always insists on a cilantro garnish.

In the smaller tier, she has tomatoes that were tossed with a little salt and pepper.

And in the smaller box, she has mandarin segments.

It doesn’t look like a lot of food but the larger tier of that burger bento actually holds quite a bit. I was pleasantly surprised.

And because I believe that a girl needs different bags for different things, she brought her lunch to school today in this lunch bag.


skip hop cat lunch box


It’s on the smaller side but it holds most of her lunch containers. Even Easy Lunchboxes!

The only downside to this bag is that it is pretty slim so depending on the lunch container/ bento box you use, you may not be able to fit a thermos or water bottle.

In that case, I just put Cam’s thermos in her backpack. No biggie.




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