10 Mar

infused water for kids

My husband brought home a water infuser tumbler from work not too long ago and my daughter and I spent the next few days putting every fruit/herb combo we could come up with in it.

How I have lived all these years without one of these things is beyond me.

I love it. And so does my daughter.

After a little trial and error we both figured out which combos of fruit and herbs we liked and which ones we didn’t.

Cucumber and lemon is a no-go for her but mint is okay only if used sparingly or in ice cubes to make her drink pretty.

Her favorite combo turned out to be mandarin, strawberry, and blueberry and I have to say, it’s pretty fantastic. So much so that I just had to share it here with you.

infused water for kids

The fact that the water turned anywhere from pale pink to dark purple (depending on how many frozen blueberries we used) was a big draw too. 😉

This couldn’t be easier to make. There’s no real recipe to it, just a process – and a super simple one at that!

Just slice your kiddos’ favorite fruits, add them to the container of your choice, and pour filtered water or coconut water over them. Add herbs too if you think they’ll go for it.

Let the water sit for at least half an hour in the refrigerator so the flavors can infuse and drink up!

infused water for kids

You can refill the water a few times before the fruit loses flavor but I’ve found that the easiest way is to just add lots of fruit and herbs to a pitcher, pour over filtered water, and leave in the refrigerator.

That way it’s ready for your kids when they’re thirsty.

We found that frozen berries produced the nicest color because they almost always have a little juice on the outside. They also cool your drink faster. In fact, we’ve been known to just grab a handful of frozen mixed berries from the freezer and toss them into our water.

We’re not exactly patient women.

But we are drinking a lot more water these days, so there’s that.

infused water for kids

I hope you guys enjoy this one with your kids. Have fun experimenting with different flavor combos!


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