Daily Bento

1 May


My friend Sara, who moved all the way across the country to Oregon about a year ago, kept telling me about this nut butter that she found way out there.

I like nut butters as much as the next person so when she offered to send me some to try, I happily accepted.

She was awesome enough to send me two full-sized jars of  Wild Friends Vanilla Espresso Almond Butter and Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter. She also sent me two single-serve packets of Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter.

As soon as they got here, I cracked them open and sampled each one.

Then I made jam because at that moment I knew that the half-empty jar of strawberry Smucker’s in the door of my fridge just wouldn’t do.

Each flavor I tried was a winner. Even the Chocolate Coconut PB… and I hate coconut!

Go figure.

Since I had already ripped open the single-serve packet with wild abandon, I went ahead and used it to make the hubs a quick wrap for lunch tonight at work.

I already have some ideas for the other flavors so stay tuned.

In his Lunchbots Trio, my husband has a wrap that contains a whole wheat tortilla, my homemade berry jam, Wild Friends Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter, and sliced banana. He also has a few celery sticks with blue cheese dressing for dipping, some herby bread snacks from our Graze box, and a few raspberries with a dark chocolate chip inside for a sweet treat after lunch.



* Interested in signing up with Graze? Use my friend code: CASSK5VKP to get your 1st and 5th box for free!


One Response to “Daily Bento”

  1. Edith (Sara) May 1, 2014 at 8:56 pm #

    I’m so glad you love them add much as I do! Great ideas for using them!


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