Daily Bento

31 Mar

It’s Monday which always means that I have to pack lunch and snack.

I went with our Laptop Lunches container today because it’s roomy enough to fit both.

Last night Cam made herself a few pizza pita pockets. We got the idea from Wendy of Wendolonia.com‘s new book which we both just love and highly recommend. Cam looks through it almost every day and she has several things marked in the book that she wants me to make for her.

Wendy’s idea is actually for make your own pizzas which Cam loves to do but she takes forever to make each one and since she only gets about 15 minutes to eat her lunch, it’s better if I let her make them up the night before and put them in her lunchbox so they’re ready to go.

Her pita pizza pockets are just pita bread cut into triangles and filled with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and bite-sized pepperoni.

She also has a fruit salad that contains grapes, strawberries, pineapple, and orange segments, some vanilla yogurt with clear sprinkles on top, granola for sprinkling over the yogurt, and sweet pepper rings.


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