2 Feb

So I guess teams are playing sports or something right now and it’s a pretty big deal?

Normally I have no idea what’s going on but I really can’t feign ignorance this time. My husband is from Colorado and he loves his Broncos so this year’s Superbowl is a major event around here.

Personally, I could care less about sports in general. I don’t know anything about the rules or who plays for what team and the few times that I somehow found myself in a stadium while a major sporting event of some sort was going on, I can pretty much guarantee that my sole focus was on food and not whatever was going on down on the field.

Sports are boring but I can always eat.

On any given day some team is playing something. And you can bet that my husband is watching it. Any sport, it doesn’t matter. He’s into it.

And he especially loves when I say something super intelligent like ‘Wow, South Dakota really brought their A-game!’

Don’t worry, I’m fully aware that it’s San Diego that we’re watching but I do love to mess with my husband while he’s got our television tied up all day.

Marriage. 😉

So because his favorite team is playing in the Superbowl right now and I’ve annoyed him during pretty much every game this season, I thought reparations were in order.

Since it’s just us, I didn’t want to go overboard. I just made a few little treats for us to enjoy during the game.

And, I’m even going to sit with him and watch most parts of it too!

Mostly because that’s where the food is. And also the vodka.

Speaking of food, here’s what we’ll be munching on…


Crush Cakes

I mixed a box of vanilla cake mix with 12 oz. of orange Crush and the zest of an orange. After the cupcakes were baked in mini-muffin tins and frosted with vanilla frosting, I just topped each one with an orange or blue m&m.

I thought that calling these mini cupcakes “Crush Cakes” was genius because there was orange Crush in them but also because the Broncos are going to crush the Hawks. Get it? So clever.

But then the hubby told me that at some point, many years ago, the Broncos were called The Orange Crush or something (I was only half listening as usual) and I felt like a genius.

Sea Hawk Wings

Just regular chicken wings that I sprayed with a little canola oil, sprinkled salt and pepper onto and then baked at 425 for 25 minutes. Then I turned on the broiler, basted them with a mix of hot sauce, powdered garlic, and a little honey, stuck them under the broiler for 2-3 minutes, flipped them, basted the other side with the sauce and broiled for another 2-3 minutes.

Orange and Blue Krispies Treats

These are just Rice Krispies treats that I sprinkled orange and blue mini m&m’s and orange sprinkles on top of. Easy peasy. Except for that part where I had to pick out a whole bunch of orange sprinkles from a Halloween canister of black and orange sprinkles. That part I could have done without.

Orange and Blue Chips and Queso

Sweet potato and blue corn potato chips served along some spicy queso.


Mostly for the kids because Mama likes her wings spicy. And pizza is sort of orange so it works. I didn’t include a picture because I think we all know what cheese pizza looks like. 😉

Orange Cream Floats

Oh. My. Word.

These are so yummy and are sure to make football watching much more tolerable. I just added 2-3 scoops of good vanilla ice cream to a glass and poured over a shot (or two) of whipped cream flavored vodka. Then I filled the glass with orange soda and plopped in a straw.

I can also attest to the fact that these are equally delicious as root beer floats.

So that’s what’s going on at my house. What’s happening at yours? Did you make any Superbowl treats?



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