Daily Bento

13 Jan

A new grade usually means a new bento box or lunch container of some sort.

Also, I have zero self-control and can’t seem to pass up a cute food container (especially if it’s under $10).

So… since Camryn is in a new grade as of a few days ago and I may may have lost all restraint while in Target over the holidays…

Look! A new lunch container.

In this off-center and slightly out of focus picture is Cam’s new lunch container that I found in the housewares section at Target. It’s pretty nifty. The container itself is big which is great because it will hold a lot of food. That will come in handy on Mondays when I have to pack lunch and snack.

For $8.99, it comes with two separate containers with lids and an ice pack that fits in the middle.

I spotted a few different sized containers with Spiderman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Minnie Mouse on them.

Pictured above is Cam’s lunch and snack. She has a butterfly shaped chicken sandwich, Annie’s snack mix, sweet pepper rings, carrot coins, a Babybel, some fruit and veggie gummies, and a juice box.

And it all fits in that box!

The ice pack goes in the middle and the sandwich and snack mix go on top.

I did a little searching online for this box but couldn’t find it anywhere. I also didn’t see it at target.com. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be available on their site eventually but for now, it seems that you can only find it in store. 😦



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