Daily Bento & Snack

18 Nov

bento & snack



How have you been?

What have you been up to?

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been.

No posts in over two weeks. What’s that about?

I’d love to tell you that I was on vacation or doing something so interesting and wonderful that keeping the blog current just slipped my mind but that’s not the case.

Unfortunately we’ve been dealing with strep for the last three weeks.

Three weeks people.

I swear my youngest is a magnet for whatever bacterial or viral scourge is going around. If it’s out there, she’ll pick it up and bring it home with her.

I learned recently that nothing will jerk you out of REM sleep faster than a little one screaming for you to come get them and carry them to the bathroom because they “can’t see out of their eyes” and they’re too dizzy to walk.

Needless to say that warranted a trip to the pediatrician which resulted in a throat swab and a prescription for antibiotics.

But not 24 hours after finishing her ten-day course of antibiotics, the strep came back. With a vengeance.

She’s now on her second ten-day course of a much stronger antibiotic and seems to be doing much better.

So… that’s what I’ve been up to.

Now that we’re caught up, let’s talk lunch!

Today is Monday which means that Cam needs snack. So I packed her a homemade organic blueberry and white chocolate chip muffin, some fresh pineapple, and a mix of pumpkin, sunflower, and flax seeds in the little rainbow box.

For lunch, she has four little sandwiches, Cheez-Its, a chocolate drizzled honeycomb flapjack from our Graze box, a fruit rope that I cut in half to fit in the box, some yellow tomatoes, and a few carrot coins.


2 Responses to “Daily Bento & Snack”

  1. veggiebentolove November 23, 2013 at 1:49 pm #

    Strep is awful. I’m sorry it took 2 rounds of antibiotics to nuke it. Stay healthy!


  2. Keitha November 23, 2013 at 7:29 am #

    Sorry your daughter is going through this. My son is also on his second round of antibiotics for strep, but we had about a month break in between his two rounds. Hope she feels better and kicks it for good. That is a very cute lunch.


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