Daily Bento

29 Oct

witch bento


If you’re still in need of a few things for Halloween, I highly suggest going to your local craft store. If you have a Michael’s anywhere near you, that would be my first suggestion.

I had to run into Michael’s yesterday to grab a birthday present for my oldest who is now 17. I’m not sure how that happened but I did the math and sure enough, it checks out.

Anyway, all of their Halloween stock is on sale. Some of it has been marked down as much as 60%. So if you need any decorations, party supplies, or costume accessories, I highly suggest you head on up there before it’s all gone.

I found a set of four witch themed cookie cutters on clearance for .99. So those came home with me.

As soon as Cam saw them she said “so you’re making me a witch lunch right!?”

So a witch lunch it is today.

I made her three salami sandwiches on whole wheat bread with Applegate Farms provolone cheese accents. I also just want to mention here that my Target gives you a 1/2 lb of any deli cheese for free when you buy 1 1/2 lbs of Archer Farms lunch meat from the deli counter. If your Target has a deli counter, you may want to see if they offer this special too because it’s FREE CHEESE! Any free cheese, so go for the good stuff. I do.

She also has “witch skin chips” which are actually spinach and kale chips, strawberries and pineapple, apple cats, and witch hat and cat gummies.



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