Daily Bento

17 Oct


It’s lunch in the Bynto!

I can’t believe this is the first time that we’ve used this lunch container this year. It’s one of Camryn’s favorites.

I will say that it can be kind of a pain because it doesn’t fit in most standard sized lunch boxes. Cam does have a slightly larger lunch bag from Garnet Hill that it fits beautifully inside but there’s no getting a thermos in there with it.

A juice box will fit but those are a rare treat for my kids.

I try to keep their lunches as waste-free as possible so I only buy juice boxes when I can get them for next to nothing.

I was able to get two 8-packs of Apple & Eve Water Fruits for about .13 per box. Not a bad deal for the good stuff.

I’m not a fan of coconut water but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this juice.

It actually tastes closer to juice than water which should appeal to most kids. It’s also not overly sweet which is nice.

If you live in the south and have a Publix near you, you should find these 8 packs of juice boxes on sale for $2 until 10/25. Use the $1 off coupon in last Sunday’s Smart Source coupon insert to pick up 8 boxes of juice for just $1.

And if you don’t have last Sunday’s Smart Source Insert, you may be able to print a coupon here.

Inside of her Bynto, she has an organic gala apple, a cheese stick sliced into thirds, a turkey sandwich on a roll, and some cheesy popcorn.









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