4 Oct


This is a great food project to make with kids and all you need is some dough.

The kind of dough you use doesn’t matter but the easiest way to make these is by using bread sticks from a can.

Just pop the can and separate the bread sticks.

To make the bony ends, you can either tie a knot at each end, or use clean kitchen scissors to snip a couple of inches down each end of the bread stick, and then roll down each side.

You can pretty much tell from that picture up there just how each one was made.

You can brush each bone with a little extra virgin olive oil and then sprinkle on your favorite seasonings before baking.

Or you can just shove them in the oven plain. Either way, they’re delicious.

Bake the bones at the temperature listed on the can and pull them from the oven when they’re light golden brown.

If you’re opposed to convenience foods, you can still make these bones using your favorite home-made bread or pizza dough.

Just roll out the dough to your desired thickness, cut into strips, make the bony ends, and bake as you normally would. Just remove from the oven when they are light golden brown.

Serve the bones with blood (naturally). Just warm a little pizza sauce or marinara and spoon into a serving dish for dipping.

Can be served warm or at room temperature.


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