3 Oct

I’d like to first point out that it’s a good thing my husband is somewhat artistic.

Otherwise, things like this just wouldn’t get made.

Or they might get made but they sure wouldn’t look as good.

We made these Freaky Frankenheads for our last Halloween party and they were a big hit with our little freaks. 😉

To make them for your favorite little freaks, first draw some faces on a few clear plastic cups with a permanent marker.

I found mine at my local dollar store.

Then, just dye some vanilla pudding green using a couple drops of food coloring and spoon it into a clear plastic cup.

 Once you’ve spooned your pudding into each of the cups, add some crushed Oreo cookies (or generic equivalent) on top.


Freaky Frankenheads.


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  1. Loving Lunches (@LovingLunches) October 8, 2013 at 8:20 am #

    Too cute!


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