Daily Bento

27 Sep


I kept things simple today.

Sometimes simple is best. If nothing else, it’s certainly faster and easier. 😉

I made a salami sandwich with just a teeny bit of mayo (Cam isn’t too keen on mayo but I don’t want her choking down a dry sandwich at the lunch table). Before I made the sandwich, I stamped the bread with a small flower stamp just to make it a little cuter. Her sandwich is cut diagonally and stacked in her ELB.

She also has some veggie chips, watermelon, and sweet pepper rings.

Cam loves sweet peppers. I usually slice a few into rings when I bring them home and put them into a mason jar that I keep in the fridge. Seems like I am constantly refilling that jar. That’s o.k. though. I’d rather have to refill a pepper jar all the time than have to refill a cookie jar.

Happy Friday


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