First Day of School Lunch!

19 Aug

Daily Bento is back!

I’ll hope you weren’t expecting a full on “back to school” themed lunch today.

I think that the first day of school can be hard, especially at lunch time when you don’t know everybody yet, so I went for comfort over detail and packed some of her favorites.

She also got to use her new Yumbox that we bought over the summer.



For her first lunch of the new school year she had strawberries, pineapple, pepper rings, mini heart-shaped sandwiches filled with Justin’s chocolate hazelnut spread, a Babybel cheese cut into fourths, strawberry yogurt with a few rainbow sprinkles, and a few fruit and veggie gummies.

The Yumbox is pretty neat. It’s leak proof, which is so great, and it has a divided tray inside that is removable for easy clean up. It’s also easy for her to open and close which is always a plus.


Camryn was really looking forward to showing of her new lunch container at school today.

I just hope she actually ate her lunch.


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