3 May

We’ve talked before about how from time to time I like to send a little something with the hubs to work to munch on.

Makes me feel like a top-notch housewife and it keeps him out of the vending machines in the break room.

There’s nothing good for anybody in those things.

Really, all I’m doing is slapping whatever produce we have in the crisper, a carb, and a little protein in one of his daughter’s bento boxes and then maybe adding a cute pick or two.

No biggie.

But he really appreciates it and the guys at work always come over to see what he has to eat which is adorable to me.

For lunch last night, I sent him with some veggie crackers and a spreadable cheese wedge, cara cara orange slices, broccoli, grapes and carrot sticks all packed in Camryn’s Lunchbots Trio.



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