Daily Bento

30 Apr

We’re getting back on track today after a long weekend that included Camryn’s birthday party, a trip to a bouncy place, and a day off of school yesterday.

It’s nice to be getting back into our regular routine again.

I made a loaf of sandwich bread and some herb rolls last night.

Cam and I each had a roll fresh out of the oven.

My intention was to just have a bite to try it but before I knew it, I had devoured the entire thing.

No shame – or self-control, evidently.

Seriously. Is there anything better than freshly baked bread warm from the oven?

Camryn said I had to put one in her lunch today. So I did.

Also in her lunch  are some carrot and celery sticks, a mozzarella cheese stick cut into bite-sized pieces, Greek yogurt with organic granola, and watermelon balls.


4 Responses to “Daily Bento”

  1. Sara April 30, 2013 at 4:41 pm #

    The Lego ones that I have leave just enough room to fit the food and really nothing else. No shifting here. I also got some from Target. These are a little taller so I fold up a piece of napkin(with a cute message written on it) to put on top so nothing moves. I do tell the boys to lie their lunch boxes flat. I want them as pretty as possible when they eat it, not that they care at all but I do: ) I do love Bento-ing! My cabinet is starting to look a little like I’m a hoarding bento person. Can’t pass up the sales!
    Cass- I want the recipe for the bread!!! That looks so yummy!


    • we_should_be_folding_laundry April 30, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

      Sara, it’s really good bread & really easy too. I warmed up a piece this afternoon and dipped it in olive oil with herbs. I’m going to try a few things to see how versatile it is and then I want to do a post on it. Hopefully within the next couple of days.


  2. Jane April 30, 2013 at 1:36 pm #

    Question; how do you prevent the Bento’s getting all smushed – or is it just a given that they will? I’ve been what you might call ‘Ameri-Bento’ing’ in separate mini containers, but I’m not sure my OCD would let me Full on Bento as I am concerned about presentation once the lunch gets to school – can you help a sister out?


    • we_should_be_folding_laundry April 30, 2013 at 2:02 pm #

      I can surely try. 🙂 What kind of containers are you packing the lunches in? I wonder if you need some containers with a little more room in them. I’ve had really good luck finding BPA free food containers, like the one used today, at stores like Marshall’s for around $4. I haven’t had any issues yet with smushed food. And no, your lunches shouldn’t be smushed.

      I try to put Cam’s lunches into containers that can be carried horizontally whenever possible. That helps to keep things from shifting around too much and getting smushed. But most of her containers, like the one I used today, have to be carried vertically due to their size.

      Containers with individual compartments help but if you don’t have one, the trick is to pack everything tightly so there’s no room for shifting, or you can use silicone baking cups to keep things separated if you have them. You can also use things like rolled up napkins or paper towels, cheese sticks, or yogurt tubes to separate food. One other idea may be to try cutting food differently if possible so that it lays better in your containers.

      Check out Easy Lunchboxes on amazon. They are $13.95 for a set of 4 and everyone in lunchy land raves about them. I have a set & use them every day for the boys’ lunch. you can really fit a lot of food in them. And they fit in most lunchboxes. Also check out Goodbyn Byntos, Laptop Lunchboxes, and the Spencer Bento Box from Pottery Barn Kids. All are fairly inexpensive, and all have individual compartments with plenty of room.

      Hope that helps ♥


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